Monday, October 31, 2011

MERS on Life Support - legal rasping - Death is near

MERS legal department: "DEATH RATTLE" & "RASPING" has begun as
MERS CORP. CEO prepares a "DNR" order (See picture below)
GOVERNMENT entities* said to assist patient (MERS) with dying wish
                              DNR = Do Not Resuscitate

*DELAWARE = Attorney General Beau Biden SUES MERS (see above video)
What is MERS? **
Who is MERS CORP? **







Officers &





Enrichment &


**Any similarity of acronym or name(s)... to a real business... is purely coincidental
MERS CORP. CEO signing patient (MERS) -  Do Not Resuscitate order

* Federal Government entities prepare for the disconnection of MERS "life support"
while individual STATES* (below) respect the "DNR" request for NO "heroic efforts"
(Translation: NO FEDERAL money or bail-outs - NO settlement $$$ with state AG's)

County Recorders vs. the MERS Machine

Deed keepers say they’ve lost millions to the mortgage industry

*PENNSYLVANIA:  Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Nancy Becker
Recorders generally don’t make headlines, but Becker’s public protests did. (See Below). She says she was thrilled when she received a flood of “You go, girl!” e-mails cheering her on. The mini-movement’s main champions are John L. O’Brien, keeper of land records in Salem, Mass., and Jeff L. Thigpen, the register of deeds in Greensboro, N.C. In April they asked Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, who heads a group that’s negotiating with banks over wrongful foreclosures, to press for reform. When O’Brien’s and Thigpen’s letter to Miller made national news, the men began teaching other recorders how to get what they say they’re due.
Counties in Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas have filed suit for back fees. In one of the largest cases, Dallas County sued MERS in October, saying the company owes it as much as $100 million. (Read the full Bloomberg Businessweek story HERE)

Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Nancy Becker is urging registers of deeds across state and the country to withdraw public money from any banks affiliated with the Mortgage Electronic Registry System (MERS), which she claims is undermining the practice of accurate land recording.
"In recent years, mortgages have been assigned and reassigned multiple times, and when a bank or other entity doesn’t properly report these transfers, it makes it very difficult for homeowners to determine who holds their mortgages. It clouds the chain of title, and it’s prohibiting (officials) from recording revenues they should be recording," Becker said.

*MICHIGAN = University Law Professor slams MERS in AMICI brief  (Thanks Hamlet)
*NEW YORK = Attorney General subpoenas the MERS bogus spreadsheet registry
*OHIO = A small rural county (Geauga) prosecuting attorney SUES MERS
                  or the CrainsCleveland article also....
                  "MERS has trouble, right there in OHIO, with a capital 'T' "
Great read (above) by national blogger Martin Andelman w/quotes from Marc Dann
....“This case asks court very directly whether the MERS system complies with state law.  If it doesn’t then I’m going to go back and reopen all of the foreclosures alleging that the transfers were invalid,” says Dann without hesitation
*ARKANSAS = Hot Springs County Clerk sues MERS for TAX EVASION 
*FLORIDA = Florida Clerk of Court Sues MERS (HERE)
Oct 31st: Jim Fuller, clerk of Duval County, filed suit against Merscorp Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., claiming civil conspiracy, unjust enrichment, as well as FRAUDulent and negligent misrepresentation. The suit also seeks a hearing to determine the validity of tracking note transfers on the MERS System and a court injunction to prohibit the use of MERS in Florida.
MERS has usurped the rights and privileges of the Florida Clerks of Court by establishing, maintaining and inducing lenders to use its private recording system, which unlawfully interferes and competes with the public recording system,” the suit, filed in state circuit court, reads.
*TEXAS = Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins SUES MERS
also see MERS bogus robo-signed recorded then rescinded "release of lien"
(11-1)update from friend Housing Doom - Dallas DA expands MERS SUIT to CLASS ACTION!
   El PASO - NEWSChannel 9 - great six minute story/report (VIDEO HERE)
Texas Attorney Richard Roman: "MERS has...single-handedly taken the American dream of home ownership and turned it into a nightmare,”
*MASSACHUSETTS = Recorder (Hero!) John O'Brien Sues MERS for $22 Million
Click here to read the Press Release
On March  7: NBC News Reports: Counties Seek Millions From Mortgage Giant. 
Click here to read the story
On February 23: MERS may owe Commonwealth $200 million
Click here to read the Mass Lawyers Weekly article from 2/23/11 
*KENTUCKY - County Clerks v. Mortgage Electronic Registration System(MERS)
* NORTH CAROLINA:  Register seeks 1.3 MILLION from MERS in
"Lost Revenue" from FAILED unrecorded or bogus robo-signed assignment



MERS most famous employee (LPS "Robo-signer") "I'm LINDA GREEN" (All 3 of her!)

WHAT? Are you Serious? Certainly all three Linda's are in Jail......Right? NO ?
Oh-nothing illegal-just some everyday Forgery, Fraud, & Corporate Money Laundering

NYE LAVELLE - Letter (about MERS Fraud) to all 50 Attorney Generals

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