Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy Movement... turns attention Foreclosures

OccupyWallStreet has turned its national attention to the topic of FORECLOSURE
The movement officially released their support for a National Day of Action (HERE)
OHIO FRAUDclosure is a proud participant, planner, and supporter !!!

On Tues. December 6th visit this blog for LIVE updates, streaming video, and pictures from in and around OHIO during a day long "look-in" on the action

"This {day} is a shift from protesting Wall Street fraud to taking action on behalf of people who were harmed by it. It brings the movement into the neighborhoods and gives people a sense of what’s really at stake," said Max Berger, one of the Occupy Our Homes organizers and a member of Occupy Wall Street’s working group

DECEMBER 6th - National Day of Action
The OccupyWallStreet movement and brave homeowners around the country are coming together On Tuesday December 6th, We - the 99% will stand up to Wall Street banks and demand they negotiate with homeowners .....instead of fraudulently foreclosing on them

Like many of the Occupy actions that have focused on specific policy questions, this one is being organized by established groups along with their allies in the movement. Among the allied groups listed on the Occupy Our Homes website is OHIO FRAUDclosure !!!

Occupy Wall Street is promising a "big day of action" Dec. 6 that will focus on the foreclosure crisis and protest "fraudulent lending practices," "corrupt securitization," and illegal evictions by banks. The day will mark the beginning of an Occupy Our Homes campaign that organizers hope will energize the movement.

Many of the details aren’t yet public, but protesters in 20 cities are expected to take part in the day of action next Tuesday. We’ve already seen eviction defenses at foreclosed properties around the country as well as takeovers of vacant properties for homeless families. Occupy Our Homes organizer Abby Clark tells me protesters are planning a "mic-check" to disrupt foreclosure auctions as well as launch some new home occupations.

On the Occupy Wall Street side of things, members of the direct action working group and the movement-building group in New York have been involved in the project. A network of groups organized as Take Back the Land has been doing eviction defenses and related actions around the country for five years, according to organizer Max Rameau."Now with this Occupy movement ramping up, I think we have a significant chance to keep large numbers of people in their home,"  

“[The goal is to] not only force the banks to allow the family to stay in the home. But also then force policy changes that would help thousands of other people for whom we’re not doing eviction defenses.”...Rameau told Democracy Now earlier this month.


Previous "Day of Action" coverage: D-Day is coming...Occupy our Homes

Why is this day important..ohh..just another typical BANK foreclosure on a
103 year old woman...causing her 83 year old daughter to be hospitalized

Attorney view point (HERE) that differs from his constituents legal stance (borrower's fault)

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Occupy protesters (left) and a formerly boarded-up duplex taken over by protesters in Seattle's Central District this month.
A formerly boarded-up duplex taken over by Occupy protesters(left) in Seattle's Central District this month.
(Credit: AP/Louis Lanzano/Elaine Thompson)

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