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                   OCCUPY OHIO
Over 1,600 towns, cities, and communities’ across the United States are OCCUPYING
We at OHIO FRAUDclosure support this National Movement...as it provides the
OHIO HOMEOWNER - A VOICE - against the Wall Street FRAUDclosure machine.

Dear Bankers: Thanks for Wrecking Our Lives...


Occupy Our Homes: National Movement and Information (HERE)

 - Start your own campaign: With Start2.OccupyOurHomes.org, you can start a campaign to fight for your home and build support to keep your home. We'll help you every step of the way. Bring the banks to the negotiating table by standing up to them - and fight.

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OCCUPY - The Movie - Coming in 2012

'It is possible to be militant and nonviolent.' Martin Luther King
Director's Statement:
If one considers occupy in militaristic terms, like a nonviolent army, maybe we can borrow from a destructive discourse to organize constructive dissent. This led me to the question: What would a nonviolent blitzkrieg look like? Who would rush the front lines? Who would orchestrate it? And is occupy capable of such a task?

I found occupy is one of the most creative social movements the world has ever seen. In under 6 months they lit up a thousand cities with general assemblies, flashmobs, light shows, strikes and marches. These are the nonviolent weapons at Occupy's disposal.

http://www.OccupyTheMovie.com a short film series & full length documentary coming late 2012. Support us and pre-buy your copy today, or have us email you when film is done.
Made in collaboration with: http://occupy.com/

MARCH 14, 2012 - Occupy Homes Minnesota held a march to US Bank CEO Richard Davis' Minneapolis home as part of the Occupy Homes national week of action on the banks. The next morning, Thursday March 15th, this same criminal entity - using OHIO Predator Drone Law firm (LSR) - EVICTED Ohio Homeowner Brian Bayless and his family (HERE)

In Minnesota homeowner Monique White states "We want to respectfully ask Mr. Davis and US Bank to work with customers like me to keep us in our homes. We bailed them out with our tax dollars when they were in trouble at the start of the housing crisis they created, now we need them to work with us to help stabilize our communities, instead of tearing them apart."

Since October, protesters have attempted to bring attention to Minneapolis-headquartered US Bank for their ongoing {criminal behavior} and role in the foreclosure crisis. While speaking at an event hosted by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Davis, whose 2011 total compensation topped $18 million, allegedly told homeowners fighting foreclosure and their supporters rallying outside the event to "get over it.'

"These executives have been making life hell for the average American, while they're making record profits and have a comfy home to sleep in. It's up to us to stand together and pressure the banks to make things right with the American people. If they can negotiate a solution with me, there's no reason they can't do the same for millions of other homeowners fighting to keep a roof over their family's heads."
said Bobby Hull, a veteran and homeowner who won back his home through a nationwide public pressure campaign after US Bank purchased it at the sheriff sale.

OCCUPY is HERE.......expect us !

History in the making - You are all part of it !!!
Florida (D) Alan Grayson tears up an ignorant panelist on the Bill Maher Show.
He managed to articulate in a minute, the Occupy movement and some of the biggest issues facing the middle class ...bringing the studio audience to a standing ovation !

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