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BOEHNER PLAN - Fails Ohio & Nation - Again

"And when I saw how out-of-touch Washington had become with the core values of this great nation,... I put my name forward and ran for office."...John Boehner Election Night Speech (November 2, 2010)

Boehner: you see all these little kids running around….(sniffle- sniffle)…I can’t talk about it
Leslie Stahl: Why? (can’t you talk about the kids without crying?)
Boehner: ...making sure these kids… have a shot at the American Dream….. like I did.

Funny - we can't find any recent videos of Boehnor "Crying." How could he suddenly stop shedding tears ...with his heart wrenching "American Dream" story? Even Stranger...not a SINGLE DEMOCRAT in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES voted for his failed effort (Boehnor Plan) to have 'out of touch Washington return to our core values.' Apparently fellow working class representatives didn't fall for the crocodile tears and "I'm just like you" or his American Dream story.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty
Dateline: November 2, 2010 - Exactly 9 months ago, on election night 2010, just after learning the GOP had taken majority control of the House of Representatives, an emotionally charged John Boehner (OH) with his voice trembling... addressed the crowd:
"....Listen, I hold these {American} values dear because I've lived them. I've spent my whole life chasing the American Dream.... I started out mopping floors, waiting tables, and tending bar at my dad's tavern. I put myself through school working every rotten job there was and night shift{s}, [A]nd I poured my heart and soul into running a small business. "And when I saw how out-of-touch Washington had become with the core values of this great nation,... I put my foot in my mouth -again and ran for office"

It took only 9 months to forget the Dream and instead ... spew "Wall Street Speak."
August 2, 2011 - The US debt ceiling will be raised, while a no longer crying John Boehner(OH) continues his front and center theater,  lies, distortions, and half-truths buried in rhetoric. In the meantime- the REAL funded by Wall Street  John Boehnor is revealed below:

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone opens this brilliant piece on Ohio's Wall Street "hack"...
....John Boehner is the ultimate Beltway hack, a man whose unmatched and self-serving skill at political survival has made him, after two decades in Washington, the hairy blue mold on the American congressional sandwich....The Crying Shame of John Boehnor 

Read an excellent piece by Zach Carter for the Huffington Post:

Previous Ohio FRAUDclosure posts - uncovering Boehnor as a Wall Street sell-out:
John Boehner - US House speaker - sheds no tears for American Homeowners especially in home state of OHIO

Golfing Ohio leaders "out of touch" with main street

Brian Williams of Dateline NBC gets to the core of the gridlock on "the hill"
John Boehner is quoted.. as if he's playing some type of video game "I'm a Happy Warrior." This is Boehnor's proud accomplishment...  the grid-lock and impasse created in Congress? NBC Dateline Program Jul. 31: 'Taking the Hill: Inside Congress'

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OHIO Leaders shaping national FRAUDclosure landscape

OHIO leaders (past and present) continue to shape the FRAUDclosure landscape.
These Powerful and Influential Leaders bring homeowners.....  
2 former OHIO Attorney Generals continue "The Fight" on behalf of Homeowners
1 OHIO Senator and 1 OHIO Congresswoman introduce ground breaking legislation

Richard Cordray and Marc Dann
From January 2007 - January 2011 Ohioans benefited from the strength of these two legal giants. Collectively they fought, sued, and/or won settlements against sub-prime and predatory lenders, Bank of America, AIG, loan modification firms, and credit card companies.

After losing a re-election bid in November 2010 to a "throw out the Democrats" voting mentality, President Obama and Elizabeth Warren jumped at the opportunity to have Cordray lead the enforcement arm of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In a Wall Street Journal interview, Cordray described the new position as " many ways doing on a 50 state basis, the things I cared most about as a state attorney general, with a more robust and more comprehensive authority." Just prior to leaving as Ohio's Attorney General he sued GMAC Mortgage LLC and its corporate parent, Ally Financial Inc., accusing them of using FRAUDulent affidavits in Ohio foreclosure filings and court cases.
OBAMA PICKS CORDRAY to head Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

The ESOP BLOG: Cordray a Smart and Fair Choice....“Just because you’re a bank doesn’t mean he’s coming after you.  He’s not looking to get you on a technicality.  He’s not an ideologue.  But if you rip off consumers, he will come after you and he’ll be tough.  He’s about justice" said Mark Seifert the Director of ESOP (Read the story HERE)

Senator Brown, a Democrat from Ohio said he fully expects the state’s "other" senator Rob Portman, (a Republican) will support Cordray's nomination.

“This foreclosure crisis affects all of us – homeowners, families, neighbors, and state and local governments. It is clear that the current system isn’t working and unfortunately federal regulators have failed to bring meaningful reform to mortgage servicing

SHERROD BROWN introduced the  Homeowner Abuse Prevention Act of 2011


This great attorney, and former AG, remains active in OHIO while continuing to fight and wage legal battles against the TBTF banks and Predator Drone (Foreclosure Mill) law firms. He continues to be a champion for those fighting violations of their Consumer Rights. Dann twice has taken time out of his busy schedule for phone interviews with OHIO FRAUDclosure. He recently drove two hours to meet with us and share an "inside look" at his busy schedule and planned future legal actions. Many of these actions will have an impact at a national level with possible implications to the ever changing Federal Laws guiding foreclosure judges.
Marc Dann has filed Class Actions suits against Servicers for foreclosing on borrowers that were either eligible for or in a HAMP modification. Additionally he filed a "Class Action" suit against a giant OHIO Predator Drone (foreclosure mill) law firm Lerner Sampson Rothfuss (LSR). Unfortunately, the terms of the settlement could not be shared with us, but we've assumed the homeowners were made happy. Additionally national blogger Martin Andelman (Mandelman Matters) shared this phone interview as an audio podcast (Click Here).

This brave OHIO congresswoman continues to fight for homeowners and recently (July 8th) introduced  and submitted HOUSE RESOLUTION 344 to the House Financial Services Committee. The resolution calls on President Obama to declare "a national residential mortgage foreclosure emergency" and encourages individual states - to enact the moratorium.

Please contact a member of the committee and ask they support this Important action!
OHIO Contacts below:

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UPDATE: ARGENT Employees set for Arraignments

Pre Trial appearances Thursday 7-14-2011
Pre Trial re-set for Thursday 8-25-2011
(New) continued until Thursday 9-15-2011
(LATEST) continued until Thursday 10-13-2011


OHIO says enough !! - 9 Indicted from ARGENT MORTGAGE

Arraignment held - Thursday July 7th - Cuyahoga County Justice Center:
11 appear and enter plea of "NOT GUILTY"
Deeanne Shaw appeared 7-13-11 pled - not guilty
Gerald Spuzzillo appeared 7-12-11 pled - not guilty
1) Denise (O'Brock) Kobus - Argent Account Manager - Bond set at $10,000
Monday 7-11-2011 MOTIONS FILED by Kobus Public Defender:
a) Motion for Discovery and b) Bill of Particulars
c) Motion for Request of Evidence

2) Michael Scola - Argent Account Manager - Bond set at $10,000
3) Angela Pasternak - Argent Account Manager - Bond set at $10,000
Monday 7-11-2011 MOTIONS FILED by Pasternak Defense:
a) Motion to require Disclosure of Intent to Introduce Evidence of
Other Crimes, Wrongs, Pursuant to Ohio Evid. R. 404(B) 
b) Request under 12(D) for Notice of Evidence
c) Demand for Discovery
d) Motion for Bill of Particulars
e) Motion for Disclosure of Impeaching Information
4) Terry Forbes - Argent Supervisor - Bond set at $ 2,500
5) Gerald Steinkuehler - Argent Supervisor - Bond set at $ 5,000
6) Deeanne R. Shaw - appeared w/attorney on 7-13-2011 - Posted Bond of $ 2,500
7) Kirk Porter - Argent Underwriter - Bond set at $ 2,500
8) David Mongriotis - Argent Underwriter - Bond set at $ 2,500
9) Erin Foley-Ottaviano - Argent Underwriter - Bond set at $ 2,500
10) James "aka Jessie" Sims - Mortgage Broker - Bond set at $ 2,500
11) Karen Harris - Defendent - Bond set at $ 5,000
12) Linda Warner - Ohio Appraiser - Bond set at $ 5,000
13) Gerald Spuzzillo - appeared 7-12-2011 - Posted Bond of $ 2,500
Monday 7-11-2011 MOTIONS FILED by Spuzzillo Defense:
a) Motion for Discovery and b) Bill of Particulars
c) Motion for Request of Evidence and d) Inspection of Evidence
e) Motion to Examine Exculpatory and Material

Bill Mason*

The State of OHIO through prosecutor Bill Mason and the Cuyahoga County Mortgage Fraud Task Force, have scheduled the Arraignment hearings for 13 individuals named in the indictment of June 22, 2011. Nine (9) are former employees of the now defunct mortgage lender. Three (3) former Argent "Account Executives" are alleged to have helped coach independent Mortgage Brokers by creating mortgage applications that would be approved through Two (2) Supervisors and Four (4) Underwriters working in concert from Argent's Rolling Meadows office located in Chicago.

The following 9 defendants were previously employees, agents or independent contractors with Argent Mortgage Company:
1) Denise (O'Brock) Kobus, 46, of Woodstock IL. - Argent Account Manager
2) Michael Scola, 60, of Round Lake IL. - Argent Account Manager
3) Angela Pasternak, 31, of Rockford IL - Argent Account Manager
4) Terry Forbes, 33, of Dixon IL - Argent Supervisor
5) Gerald Steinkuehler, 47, of St Louis MO. - Argent Supervisor
6) Deeanne R. Shaw, 35, of Gig Harbor  WA. - Argent Underwriter
7) Kirk Porter, 50, of Chicago IL. - Argent Underwriter
8) David Mongriotis, 30, of Hoffman Estates IL - Argent Underwriter
9) Erin Foley-Ottaviano, 34, of Round Lake Beach IL - Argent Underwriter

Four(4) others charged from OHIO: 
Photo courtesy of Cuyahogo County Jail
10) James "aka Jessie" Sims, 61, of Akron Ohio 
allegedly an OHIO Mortgage Broker facing multiple counts including Complicity, Aggravated Theft, and Tampering with Records

Photo courtesy of Cuyahogo County Jail
11) Karen Harris, 45, of Euclid Ohio
is also named in the indictment and faces charges of Engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, and property forfeiture.

Ohio Appraisers:
12) Linda Warner, 47, of Cleveland Ohio and
13) Gerald Spuzzillo, 41, of Chardon Ohio 
alleged to have falsified appraisals submitted to Argent Mortgage and Long Beach Mortgage

OHIO says enough !! - 9 Indicted from ARGENT MORTGAGE

State of OHIO vs. ....above named (1-13)    FULL 68 Page INDICTMENT (HERE)

*Bill Mason, the prosecutor, states this case involves 100 properties located in Cuyahoga and Summit counties that were financed with nearly $13 million in Argent loans. Properties were financed or sold through Uri Gofman, the owner of Cleveland-based Real Asset Fund, or one of his companies. This new investigation grew from an original case that was being prosecuted against Gofman, who was indicted in August 2008. It was said to be one of the biggest mortgage fraud schemes in U.S. history. It involved 453 homes purchased with $44 Million in FRAUDulent loans with up to $31million... siphoned off... in profits.

"[This is] the first time in Ohio and...few instances nationwide that a mortgage fraud investigation has led to CRIMINAL CHARGES against [Argent Mortgage] employees {and} of a sub prime lender. The securitization and selling of these fraudulent, sub prime loans to Wall Street typified the rampant greed of the industry that ultimately led to the financial crisis " said Cuyahoga County prosecutor, Bill Mason.

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NOT... Just another Foreclosure Story

NOT America Birthday or 4th of July Celebration

JULY 20th - UPDATE at bottom of page...UPDATE at bottom of page
picture courtesy of
Sadly - it's another Bank of America foreclosure story.........OR IS IT ???
Over the last few days everyone had emailed or linked me the below insane HEADLINES

Craigslist Couple to give away contents of entire home....or
Couple to deploy Dueling Dozers in demo of own home
 As it was, the only reason their story came out...was in trying to give away the contents of their home as "Free Stuff" on Craigslist... What! ..Can you believe it? Someone trying to give away ALL the contents of their home!...Well no...and neither could the ad was quickly flagged and taken down. Surely it was some type of fraudulent posting or someone “pranking” this know..trying to give away all their stuff. Frustrated - homeowner Robert posted again.....this time under Craigslist "Real Estate" Once again the ad was flagged and taken down.  So Robert tried posting it - a third time. Yet again it was removed. By this time ...Robert was so frustrated  he attached "an explanation" to assure any Craigslist monitors....they were giving away...everything ….adding.....We (Ana & Rob) are going to bulldoze the house! Finally - Craigslist allowed his posting…..but only in the "Politics" category with the bizarre explanation of dueling dozers.
So we (OHIO FRAUDclosure) had to find out....Who was this "Insane Guy" and what kind of  "Crazy People"...give everything away and then plan - to bulldoze their home.

Behind the sensational headlines - I found a real couple - suffering real pain. And no matter how the Bank of America spokesperson tries to spin this stops HERE and NOW. This is NOT another California family looking for a "Free Home." This is NOT some crazy couple that "overbought" during the real estate boom. And NO... they didn't refinance 2 or 3 times to buy boats and cars so they could live it up somewhere near the California Coastline.
This is…the story ......of Ana and Robert Somerton…..real people & real victims - first suffering through a Counrtywide FRAUDulent loan, then with all Bank of Americas (BOA) failures with  phony servicing attempts to implement ...any of the Goverments' failed "FRAUDclosure prevention" programs.
Ana & Robert Somerton

In 1990 Robert’s father (Ronald) bought a 1.3 acre parcel of land, on which he planned to build a small 820 sq foot 1 bedroom 1 bath retirement cabin. Robert was excited for his father, who slowly, was building the home "out of pocket" (no loans) on weekends. Some six years later, and nearing completion of his dream home ..sadly.. Ronald passed away. Robert could not bear to have the home and property...slip away. He was determined to finish the home that his dad had so wanted. But, in order to buy out his sisters half of the estate and finish the home ...Robert took out a loan against the value the property.
It was at this same time that he decided he should slightly increase the size … to a more usable 1275 sq. ft. He and his wife  - Ana - eventually decided they would finish "Ronald's dream". Robert told me "We first painted the place, then we fenced in the yard for our dogs Magic and Pascual. We also converted the garage into our master bedroom, and added a new walk-thru closet and master bath to the end of house. I did all the drawings and most of the construction ...with Ana helping out... on her days off."

In Early 2009, like many couples, they suffered during the U.S. economic downturn (recession) and Robert was forced to close his business. But, before they'd missed a single payment or had even "fallen behind"…they informed Bank of America of the temporary income set-back and wanted to know about the new announced loan modification programs and maybe one with the lower interest rate adjustment. NO free house - No reductions - No write-downs...all they wanted to know...was how to qualify!
…from Robert’s post with craigslist:  "I won't go into great depth or detail here, suffice to say we've been run through the Bank of America Hope/Harp/Hamp wringer and hung out to dry. If you've been through this …you already know what it mean… if not... do us all a favor and educate yourself."
The phone was silent for a minute, I asked Robert....”Are you still there?”...His voice now shaky and trembling…"Yes, I’m sorry"....he responded....then another pause…..”I’m sitting here looking at the blue-prints …right now….and I’m actually writing down the names of the people that will get my doors, windows, and some frame-work.  There are even some that just want a single piece of floorboard … something…anything….to keep Bank of America from getting it"
Robert said to me "You know - two years is a long time to suffer and to try to explain the insanity of the situation. I finally said to them (BOA)…why should we do the same thing over and over….and expect to get a response or different outcome?  We had been repeatedly asked to fill out the exact same paperwork and to fax it to them…There were a couple times the representative said - you seem to know more about this programs - then we do! But we relented and faxed in our paperwork one more time…..and guess what! …. they never received it!…..yet they were able to tell us we had been turned down for a modification…because we didn’t qualify”   Now that’s insanity!! 
"You know, we're in California were somewhere between 25% - 40% of the homeowners are underwater…..we didn’t ask them for anything other than a MODIFICATION...we didn’t say wipe out our mortgage!...What’s wrong with reducing our interest rate and  keeping our principal balance …is that so much to ask?…isn’t there some common sense involved here?"

"We were finally forced to file bankruptcy last year which at least put a temporary stop to the insanity…..Ana has worked full time, commuting two hours a day to the Napa Valley winery she's worked at for nearly 10 years. It's mainly her income we've gotten by on over the past couple years. We have two dogs, and don't know what we'd do with them if we lost our place because our home is 100% dog friendly... but the rental market’s acceptance for dogs…is a different story."

"All we want from them now….is to wipe out the past due amount (24k) they created - by ignoring their own modification programs! …it was what we qualified for, at the time,  but they’ve always lost our paperwork and then eventually...... refused.  Now unless we pay - upfront - all past due fees….well...July 20th the date....for the..My dad's home...My will be..."…his voice trailed off…  he never finished the sentence
This week Bank of America announced $8 Billion in settlements with investors and bond holders....yes....$8 BILLION dollars.....In part:
....The deal, announced Wednesday, comes after a group of 22 investors demanded that the Charlotte, N.C. bank repurchase $47 billion in mortgages that its Countrywide unit sold to them in .....The group, which includes the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Pimco Investment Management, and Blackrock Financial Management, argued that Countrywide enriched itself at the expense of investors by continuing to service bad loans while running up servicing fees.
Are you Serious, You'll settle with everyone else, and throw this couple out!! Really!!
I simply have to ask....BANK of AMERICA....are you listening?? Do you really want to throw this couple out of their family home?? A home started from the ground up over  20 years ago?

Is this just another "Foreclosure Starfish" on BOA's FORECLOSURE BEACH???.
It all reminds me of the story from "A Star Thrower "...about the boy who is walking along the beach and finding thousands of starfish washed up and dying….he grabs one and throws it back....his act seemed so futile to an old man watching….the old man approaches him and says, “boy, there are so many here, you cannot possibly save them or make a difference.” 
The boy grabs another starfish … throws it back into the sea… and responds to the old man...
“I just made a difference.... to that one.”

I urge EVERYONE of my readers to 'help just one" and link, tweet, face-book, and pass along this story. Call Bank of America!...Ask them to resolve and modify the Somerton Family's loan. Email BOA, call them, leave a message, go to a branch, call the newspaper...anything.
Oh yea...they're all closed until Tuesday, enjoying the long July 4th celebration.

Bank Of America Contact (Click Here)
July 20th is looming...Let us you helped or what you did ...on behalf of the Somerton family:

Ana & Robert Somerton ..maybe.. their last Christmas in their home

Why is OHIO FRAUDclosure so interested in a California FRAUDclosure?  Well we had seen this exact same thing just 1 year ago near Cincinnati Ohio. TERRY HOSKINS "surprised his bank" by bull-dozing his home. He too - like the Somerton's had built his home from ground up. Now he owns and has - Nothing! 
The OHIO man used a bulldozer to level the home he'd built, now the sprawling country home is rubble. Hoskin said: "As far as what the bank is going to get...I plan on giving them back what was on this hill!..  I brought it out of the ground ...and I plan on putting it back in the ground."


1) GOING UP…The Rising Bar of Homeowner Rage
will they be one of the below 
2) 450,000 to Get Payments in Countrywide Settlement