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Marcy Kaptur - Homeowner Hero

Marcy Kaptur - Homeowner Hero

Marcy Kaptur (Ohio) is the longest-serving Democratic congresswoman in U.S. history. Her district, stretching along the shore of Lake Erie from west of Cleveland to Toledo, faces an epidemic of home foreclosures and high unemployment. This "Ohio Heartland" region, AKA the Rust Belt, had its heart torn out by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and is now burdened with shuttered factories, struggling farms, empty homes, and high foreclosure rates. In JANUARY 2009 (3 years ago!) Marcy recommended a solution to stop the FRAUDclosures... from the U.S. Congress floor, she said:

"I say to the American people, you be squatters in your own homes. Don't you leave"

JANUARY 2012 - MUST WATCH - Rachel Maddow (features Marcy beginning at :33 seconds)

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February 2009 Kaptur:*
"Therefore, stay in your property. Get proper legal representation ... [if] Wall Street cannot produce the deed nor the mortgage audit trail ... you should stay in your home. It is your castle. It's more than a piece of property. ... Most people don't even think about getting representation, because they get a piece of paper from the bank, and they go, 'Oh, it's the bank,' and they become fearful, rather than saying: 'This is contract law. The mortgage is a contract. I am one party. There is another party. What are my legal rights under the law as a property owner?' "If you look at the bad paper, if you look at where there's trouble, 95 to 98 percent of the paper really has moved to five institutions: JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wachovia, Citigroup and HSBC. They have this country held by the neck."

February 3, 2010: C-Span - "This is unacceptable" - underwater homeowners

November 23, 2010 - Dylan Ratigan Show - MERS FRAUDclosure unveiled

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Voice of Americans - Kaptur grills Sec. Treasury Tim Geithner during AIG Hearing and properly exposes and reveals Tim Geithner's relationship with Goldman Sachs

This brave OHIO congresswoman continues to fight for homeowners and introduced (July 2011)  and submitted HOUSE RESOLUTION 344 to the House Financial Services Committee. The resolution calls on President Obama to declare "a national residential mortgage foreclosure emergency" and encourages individual states - to enact the moratorium
Mary Kaptur: HOME PAGE
Washington, DC Office
2186 Rayburn Bldg.
Washington, DC 20515
Tel : (202) 225-4146
Fax: (202) 225-7711

Ohio Office
One Maritime Plaza - Sixth Floor
Toledo, OH 43604
(800) 964-4699 - Tel: (419) 259-7500
Fax: (419) 255-9623

1/23/2012 - Letter to the president - Stop the foreclosures

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DOJ, SEC, HUD, and AG Holder to investigate FRAUD !!

US Government to Finally investigate FRAUD !!!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                          Friday, January 27, 2012
WHO: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, State and Federal Officials
WHAT: Collaboration to Investigate Residential Mortgage-backed Securities Market by Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group
created under President Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (FFETF). 

WHERE:  Washington - Attorney General Eric Holder along with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Director of Enforcement Robert Khuzami and New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced the formation of the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group
At the direction of the President, this Working Group brings together the Department of Justice (DOJ), several state attorneys general and other federal entities to investigate those responsible for misconduct contributing to the financial crisis through the pooling and sale of residential mortgage-backed securities.  This effort will be in coordination with and in addition to the ongoing efforts and investigations by the Justice Department, FFETF members and state and federal law enforcement investigating and prosecuting other types of financial fraud

55 Department of Justice attorneys, analysts, agents and investigators from around the country, to include the current 15 civil and criminal attorneys along with 10 FBI agents and analysts who will be assigned to the Working Group efforts.  An additional 30 attorneys, investigators and other staff around the country will join the efforts in the coming weeks.  This team will join existing state and federal resources investigating similar misconduct under those authorities

To hold accountable any institutions that violated the law; to compensate victims and help provide relief for homeowners struggling from the collapse of the housing market, caused in part by this wrongdoing; and to help Americans finally turn the page on this destructive period in our nation’s history.

LEADERS:  The working group will be co-chaired by senior officials at the Department of Justice and SEC, including Lanny Breuer, Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, DOJ; Robert Khuzami, Director of Enforcement, SEC; John Walsh, U.S. Attorney, District of Colorado; and Tony West, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division, DOJ.

NY Attorney General: Schneiderman, will lead the effort from the state levelOther state Attorneys General have been and will be joining this effort....

“I would like to thank President Obama and Attorney General Holder for their leadership in combating financial fraud in this country and I look forward to co-chairing this working group that marshals state and federal resources to build on those efforts by bringing justice on behalf the victims of the misconduct that caused the mortgage crisis,”  
“In coordination with our federal partners, our office will continue its steadfast commitment to holding those responsible for the mortgage crisis accountable, providing meaningful relief for homeowners commensurate with the scale of the misconduct, and getting our economy moving again.  The American people deserve a thorough investigation into the global financial meltdown to ensure nothing like it ever happens again, and today’s announcement is a major step in the right direction.”

"We are wasting no time in aggressively pursuing any and all leads. In fact, as part our current investigations, the Department recently issued civil subpoenas focusing on issues related to the market for residential mortgage-backed securities to 11 different financial institutions – and you can expect more to follow.

Of course, I can’t go into detail about our existing investigations. But I can tell you that significant efforts are moving forward, by both federal and state authorities. And I can assure you that, if we uncover evidence of fraud or other illegal conduct, we will bring the appropriate criminal or civil charges."  said Attorney General Schneiderman.

More about the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group and the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force at

Download Attorney General Holder’s memo to Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (HERE)

Monday, January 23, 2012

AMERICANS - Tell Obama & Attorney Generals - NO !!!

Hey OBAMA ! ...Remember Us?....Remember CHANGE?
NO DEALS with the Banks - NO Deals with WALL STREET
NO Sell-Out by encouraging the bogus Attorney General Settlement

What is Old... is New again....
NEW VERSION: (Eloquently Delived by ladies below) On January 19th, 2012, Many events were held across America with strong turnouts. The message: simply asking President Obama to Stand with the American People (that elected him) and "Investigate the Banks" involved in FRAUDclosure. Yes the same ones that caused the finacial crisis.
Mr President - The American people don't want a FRAUDclosure Deal (pay-off) packaged by the remaining (and morally weak) State Attorney Generals. We especially DO NOT want a deal being rammed through... simply so you have a "sound-bite" for the State Of The Union speech.

Mr President are you listening? To any of Us?
In case you missed it...hear it directly from the two ladies below

OLD VERSION: (of the settlement attempt)
It was over a year ago that "A Deal" was in the making until that darn Robo-Signing scandal (FRAUD) gummed up the quick pay-off attempt by Big Banks and their Servicers. Remember when Richard Cordray was the OHIO Attorney General (Now head of CFPB) the video from JAN. 2010
Shocking Video from one year ago of attempt to "Sell" the AG Deal allow FRAUD

Sign Petitions:
BREAKING: President Obama announced that our friend Eric Schneiderman, New York's progressive Attorney General, will lead a new Special Unit to prosecute Wall Street illegality.
Sign the statement below letting Schneiderman know that if he jails Wall Street lawbreakers, the American people have his back.
......"Wall Street bankers should be fully investigated for their role in wrecking our economy. And Wall Street bankers who broke the law must go to jail." (SIGN HERE)....
Tell the President to TAKE ACTION by signing the petition HERE.

New Bottom Line: "Investigate the Wall Street Banks!!!"
Call the White House or Obama For America:
Call: The White House at (202) 456-1111
Call: Obama for America at (312) 698-3670
Here’s an example of what you can say when you call:

“Hi, my name is ________, and I am calling from [STATE]. I’m calling to ask President Obama to Stand up for Homeowners and hold Wall Street accountable. There MUST be a full investigation into the big banks BEFORE any settlement is reached.

Sweetheart Deal: White House poised to let big banks off easy for foreclosure crimes

Thanks for your action - Ian, Tracy, Ilana -  The New Bottom Line coalition

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown - Letter to the FEDS

Sherrod Brown Sends Letter:
Don't Let Wall Street Banks Use the Assets of Middle Class Ohioans to Pay the Penalty for Breaking the Law

“Too many Wall Street banks are walking away from too many Ohio Main Street communities,”. Said Senator Brown (D-OH)

* “This foreclosure crisis affects all of us: homeowners, families, neighbors, and state and local governments. It is clear that the current system isn’t working and unfortunately federal regulators have failed to bring meaningful reform to mortgage servicing"

Senator Sherrod Brown's letter Urges "Involved Parties" to Reject Wall Street Plan:
As Big Banks Continue their attempt to force a settlement, on all the soft Attorney Generals, (including Ohio's Mike DeWine) for Mortgage and Foreclosure Fraud, DO NOT use the Assets of Hardworking Americans to Pay for Illegal Foreclosure Practices

CALL NOW & tell Mike DeWine - NO !!! to Ohio caving to Bank "pay-off" or "sell-out"

Contact OHIO Attorney General ! Today!

Toll-free: 800-282-0515 Columbus Local: 614-466-4986
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

1- 19 -12 PRESS RELEASE:

“Instead of taking full responsibility for Illegal Foreclosures, Wall Street banks are trying to use the assets of middle class Americans to pay the penalty,” Brown said. “Penalties for Wall Street’s illegal practices must ensure meaningful relief for the more than one in five homeowners who owe more on their mortgage than their house is worth. But Wall Street banks must not be allowed to pass the buck to investors. The reported settlement terms would amount to a slap on the wrist, allowing banks to write down the investments of many of my constituents, without sacrificing anything. Teachers, first responders, law enforcement officials, and other pensioners and retirees should not be penalized for wrongdoing by Wall Street.” In a letter to Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan, and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, Brown said that mortgage servicers should be required to provide meaningful assistance to Ohio homeowners who lost their homes illegally, but not on the backs of other working Ohioans.

"It is reported that the proposed settlement will include a number of components to address the wrongdoings of Wall Street banks and their affiliated servicers, including a system of mortgage principal reduction.....With more than one in five Ohioans owing more on their mortgage than their house is worth, and Ohioans nearly $16 billion underwater on their mortgages, there is no question that principal reduction can and should be an element of any plan to aid homeowners."
(Read in more detail - Ohio Underwater Crisis - from MVOC Press conference)

1- 4 -12: Foreclose, Evict, Abandon - Sherrod Brown says NO

1- 4 -12: RELATED:   OBAMA names RICHARD CORDRAY to head CFPB

1- 3 -12: PRESS RELEASE:
Brown Urges Agency to Take Action to Prevent Needless Evictions of Ohio Families and Neighborhood Blight

*SHERROD BROWN introduced the  Homeowner Abuse Prevention Act of 2011

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Foreclose, Evict, Abandon - Sherrod Brown says NO

OH-Senator Sherrod Brown tells Banksters: STOP WALK-AWAYS and ABANDONMENT after a bureau of the U.S. Treasury (OCC) released guidelines that amount to a free pass for banks to abandon foreclosed homes - which invites crime and makes taxpayers foot the bill.

Brown's January 3rd letter to John Walsh, the OCC Director, highlights the public concern:

 I write today to express my grave concerns with provisions of the OCC’s guidance regarding the proper treatment of foreclosed properties.  Specifically, your guidance implicitly approves of the practice of having lenders “release a lien securing a defaulted loan rather than foreclose on the residential property.”  This practice, also known as an “abandoned foreclosure” or a “bank walkaway,” has caused substantial harm to Ohio’s communities and should NOT be supported by the federal government.

Strong standards from the OCC will send a message that Wall Street must share in the responsibility to end the foreclosure crisis.  Preventing banks from walking away from properties will give servicers greater incentive to avoid unnecessary foreclosures and explore alternatives to foreclosure.  Wall Street banks may be acting in their own economic interest when they walk away from vacant properties, but they are not acting in the best interest of our communities.

In Cleveland Ohio via newnet5

Senator Brown was joined by Jeannette Smith, a Cleveland Heights resident, that faced foreclosure several years ago and left her property at the point of Sheriff’s sale. Later, she found out that her mortgage servicer had withdrawn its foreclosure action. Jeanette had already signed an apartment lease and was also left on the hook for the Bank abandoned property. She was later cited and charged, by the City of Cleveland Heights, for the cost of maintenance of her vacant property.

“Too many Wall Street banks are walking away from too many Ohio Main Street communities,”. Said Senator Brown (D-OH)

* “This foreclosure crisis affects all of us: homeowners, families, neighbors, and state and local governments. It is clear that the current system isn’t working and unfortunately federal regulators have failed to bring meaningful reform to mortgage servicing"

*SHERROD BROWN introduced the  Homeowner Abuse Prevention Act of 2011

Brown Urges Agency to Take Action to Prevent Needless Evictions of Ohio Families and Neighborhood Blight


In a visit Wednesday to the Cleveland home of William and Endia Eason, who were victims of predatory lending, President Obama appointed Richard Cordray as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Speaking in Cordray's home state of Ohio, Obama blamed the “trickery and abuse” of the non-banking financial sector for the Easons’ woes and said, “We’re going to have to do something about it.” He added: “We’re so glad that we’ve got somebody like Rich Cordray, who’s willing to take this on and make sure that families like the Easons who do the right thing ... are not taken advantage of and are able to live in security and in dignity in their golden years.”
                  Thomas Ondrey - Plain Dealer
President Obama meets with Cleveland residents William Eason, left, and his wife Endia, along with newly appointed head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard Cordray 

Sherrod Brown's Press Release:

Appointment of former Ohio AG Cordray to National Consumer Watchdog Head
“Ohio families deserve a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPR) - complete with a Director - that can stand up to the special interests and look out for Ohioans’ interests.  We asked for a fair up or down vote on Richard Cordray’s nomination. But too many senators are willing to stand instead with Wall Street, blocking a qualified nominee for the first time in the history of the Senate based on opposition to an agency’s very existence. Rich Cordray is fair-minded and highly qualified, which is why he enjoys widespread and bipartisan support from both the people of Ohio and those he would regulate.” said US Senator Sherrod Brown

Op-Ed by Sherrod Brown(12-6-11) POLITICO: CFPB Time is Now for Cordray 

OhioFRAUDclosure previous post: Ohio leaders shaping Fraudclosure landscape

National Blog recognizes: OhioFRAUDclosure (Mandelman Matters - HERE)

Mandelman Matters - Podcast with Former OHIO AG - Marc Dan  (HERE)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fannie & Freddie announce: "Homeless for the New Year"

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and heartless Banks announce "kick-off" of 2012 Program:
                        HOMELESS for the NEW YEAR

As originally reported Fannie & Freddie were covering up bad behaviour during the "Holidays"
Thousands will now face surprise Evictions by misinformed police with orders from the courts
Unfortunately, many courts and judges are still asleep-at-the-wheel and continue to award
"Free Homes" to the FRAUDulent Banks, Trusts, and Servicers


This family, like thousands before them, are re-living the nightmare,

The Pounding....The Police...The Noise will not go away
Their Christmas Joy and Holiday fun are replaced by they hang on....each day 

THEY ARE COMING....again.....beginning Tuesday JANUARY 3rd, 2012.
THEY ARE your city....your state ....and

                           Occupy Columbus stands in solidarity with Brian Bayless
- Attorney Lynn Szymoniak CBS 60 minutes exposes FRAUD in Bayless Case
- Occupy Columbus & Occupyourhomes Stand with Bayless family

- ForeclosureHamlet - Commentary & copy of FRAUDulent Assignment
- US BANK "ARE YOU SERIOUS ??" Today: File $95 Million suit vs JP Morgan Chase
for the exact same behaviour (crimes) perpetrated vs Bayless. ....Pot meet Kettle
.......US Bank NA wants to force JPMorgan to buy back the mortgage loans because of alleged breaches of representations and warranties regarding the Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities Trust 2005-4, for which it serves as trustee....
......US Bank NA... FRAUD....VS... Bayless as SASCO 2005-RF4
SASCO = US Bank Structured Asset Securities Corporation Trust 2005-Refinace 4th Quarter

updated 3am est - facebook pictures  - support and occupy

STOP THE EVICTION - Angela Samuels - MIAMI FL - Facebook
4closure fraud - action alert and previous action

Please email, link, facebook or twitter this video  - share through any social media
We must......get the message out: