Thursday, December 29, 2011

THEY ARE COMING !!! Are you next ???

What you are about to see ......REALLY HAPPENED
Listen, Witness and Experience....the inhumane side of EVICTION
Will they come again....for this family? Will they steal their home?
Will they come ….when no one is watching? Next time....will they come....for you?   

A land once filled with promises...Where the American Dream was a family’s home,
has now become the land of broken promises and shattered dreams.
Sounds of children crying ....haunt parents ....who find it hard to sleep...

Everyone......waiting.... for the next knock or pounding....on the front door. 
Communities are being destroyed, as families disappear into the night.

This will leave heavy scars on the very fabric of our nation.
These wounds are so deep…it will take a generation...or heal. 

3,000 ....EVICTIONS.... EVERY SINGLE DAY of the YEAR.  
Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but ......THEY ARE COMING

They come......often with little or no warning.

Fannie and Freddie stopped foreclosing for the holidays, but only for a brief moment,
they did not stop....out of the goodness of their hearts.
They paused, so no one witnesses THE HORRORS OF THEIR ACTS AT CHRISTMAS.

January 3rd is coming and the daily mass evictions need to be ramped back up....again

This family, like thousands before them, are re-living the nightmare,
The Pounding....The Police...The Noise will not go away
Their Christmas Joy and Holiday fun are replaced by they hang on....each day 

THEY ARE COMING....again.....beginning JANUARY 3rd, 2012.
THEY ARE your city....your state ....and

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We must......get the message out...and....

National Blog recognizes OhioFRAUDclosure (Mandelman Matters - HERE)

If you would like to make a difference & help change.....these eviction nightmares
Please visit and follow-up at:

Ohio FRAUDclosure  and at Mandelman Matters and at

Other Websites: and
Thank you Martin (at Mandelman Matters) for strength & guidance for this post

Homeowners in Chicago and Cleveland STOPPED the 1930s
Are we approaching a point in time - where homeowners "Rise Up" AGAIN??

A growing number of homeowners & supporters are standing up to the banks 
 I will:
Resist attempts by the FRAUDsters (banks & servicers) to "steal" our homes. 
Take necessary action(s) to Support American Homeowners.
If they attempt to foreclose, I will not go
If they attempt to evict, I will not go
If they attempt to Steal my neighbors home, I will stand in solidarity with them
I will:
- sign petitions
- make phone calls
- contact caring - local and national organizations
- join efforts of local and national organizations that help with foreclosure defense & to help stop evictions
- help spread the word

Sunday, December 25, 2011


                      Enjoy the Holidays..........until.............??????
                          EVICTIONS RESUME JANUARY 3rd

National Blog recognizes: OhioFRAUDclosure (Mandelman Matters - HERE)

It will be right after Christmas, and they’ll still take your house
That Predator Drone - Lerner Sampson Rothfuss

Their documents were strung together without care,
Have a missing assignment? LPS will be there!

The attorneys said “We’ve put our problems to bed”
As fraudclosure whistleblowers were turning up dead.
There’s Biden in Delaware, and Martha in Mass.,
Who finally said, “Let’s kick bankster axx!”

There’s Miller in Iowa who’s leading the chatter,
“Millions of foreclosures? Hey, what’s the matter?”
Amnesty for the banks who started this crash,
For a slap on the wrist and a wee bit of cash.

And soon we will see it was all just a show,
They’ll be working on tans with friend Angelo.
“Trash Out” companies break into homes without fear,
It’s a civil matter and the cops won’t appear.

They’ll doctor the proof to steal your home free and clear,
With forged notes backdated five years!
A VP with a short name will do the trick,
Boy! That Linda Green can sure sign ’em quick!

More rapid than a machine she signed her name,
And under deposition the rest of them came.
Sign Linda! Sign Crystal! Christine and Bryan!
Sign Stephan, Sign Hoye, Thomas and Samons!

We’ll pay you more than you can make at the mall,
Now sign away, sign away, sign away all!
You can apply for a loan mod but it surely won’t fly,
You’ll be met with obstacles that reach to the sky!

So short sale your house, sign a deed in lieu,
Or we’ll do what is necessary to take it from you!
In rocket-docket court the homeowner bears the burden of proof,
Ninety seconds to save your home and then it’s gone – poof!

                                               the rest of the holiday poem  (HERE)

Original Poem (without two line edit & embedded links) Courtesy of our friends at

HO, HO, HOmeless!

A SHOCKING "look-back" from  Mandelman Matters

.......A father of three stands in the shadows made by the tree in the front yard of his home of 14 years.  It’s 2:30 AM.  He’s wearing a tee shirt and boxer shorts. The wind is audible and cold.  His eyes fixate on the flower box he built his first year as a homeowner.  His stare moves to the driveway… his driveway… and remembers pitching underhand to his youngest son.  He had thought they would live in this house forever.  He absent-mindedly scratches his chest with the barrel of the .38 Smith & Wesson Super he’s holding in his hand.  He wonders if insurance policies pay off after suicide.

........A mother is on the phone first thing one morning.  She reads my column on-line.  She calls to tell me that her son, 41 years old, hung himself in the basement of his home last night.  She found him yesterday morning.  He had been laid off and out of work for nine months. He tried to convince his bank to modify his mortgage since then.  Went through his savings.  Started spending hers. Her voice shakes.  “Now,” she says, “the bank will finally get what they’ve wanted all along… his house.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

My personal HEROES in the FRAUDclosure Battle

My personal HEROES and the inspiration behind the start-up of OHIO FRAUDclosure Blog
Matt Weidner, Tom Ice, Lisa Epstein, and Martin Andelman

Today I'm humbled and honored intersect ...with all my Heroes... in a podcast.
Link below to the 30 minute audio podcast.....
FRONT LINE NEWS, A Mandelman Matters Podcast – December 23, 2011

Listen-up folks....I was just another FRAUADclosed upon homeowner...... living in Ohio, when exactly 8 months ago (April 23, 2011) I tried to thank, in a post, some people that had inspired me. These individuals gave me the courage needed to stand-up and be heard (by blogging)  
I wrote back then:
..........I must give a "Shout-Out" and public "Thank You" to attorneys that have given me courage and inspiration to take this first step (Blog). A THANK YOU - to the individuals below - is simply not enough. They are the brave ones that accepted and took up the fight, long ago. They paved the way for those of us that followed. The below attorneys have been waging legal battles in FL. courtrooms, and uncovering crimes by revealing the massive FRAUD being perpetrated in foreclosures.They have been dealing with these issues much better and longer than we have (in OHIO). They continue to change law, awaken lawmakers, save homes and improve the lives of thousands of people. Floridians, these are your state's heroes!
Florida Attorneys That are Ground-Breaking Legal Representatives - For the People!
Matt Weidner (Weidner Law)
Tom Ice (Ice Legal)

In the meantime, I knew there was this AMAZING gal (Lisa Epstein) down in West Palm Beach with a cool website - Foreclosure Hamlet - that was loaded with foreclosure defense information. Lisa can only be described - as a person with unbelievable courage. She, like me, had been going through an awakening of the FRAUD in foreclosure. But instead of "hiding in the shadows" or being allowed to be labeled as a victim, Lisa took action. She wrote letters, went to the courts, uncovered fraud, challenged the system, notified the Florida State Attorney General's Office of the Fraud upon the courts. She went to her State Senators and Representatives.....and knocked on congressional doors and called attorneys....and fought on...and and night. No matter what the odds....or size of the enemy....she refused to back down. In the same post (of April 23, 2011) I feebly tried to thank Lisa... and promising to post some of her inspirational work...I said:
...... And finally we will focus on Lisa Epstein, the Rosa Parks of Foreclosure. She refused to "give up her house," or be pushed aside or out of the courtroom. She is truly a hero and you will be inspired (as I was) by her story. I will dedicate a couple posts to her, as she has forever changed the landscape for those in Foreclosure
I've failed to feature my hero (Lisa) in a post....but she continues to inspire me.... daily .....
actually you can check out the whole April 23rd, 2011 post below:
 OHIO FRAUDclosure - A Thank You to FLORIDA Attorneys

Lastly, I had planned for some time to have a special blog post featuring my friend ....Martin. It is still a planned and upcoming post...but in the meantime.....rewind three years back. I'm in the midst of my own personal FRAUDclosure fight, when late one night I stumbled upon this amazing writer and blogger - Martin Andelman. Man could this guy write! He seemed to take all the complexities of the financial crisis and near wipe-out and meltdown (still in progress) of the US Housing market...and somehow.....make some sense out of it. I would read and re-read each of his posts. It was amazing how he could take a serious topic (Obama HAMP program) and make it......I have to admit.... really funny. First he would write about the serious side of the issue - then have you laughing out loud - then walk you to a point of being mad - to damn mad - to crazy mad .....and then to....well kinda back...full circle to the topic at hand. He left you wondering, thinking, and asking questions. He has this artistic writing style that seems to empower and give each of us the ability to NOT accept the government's sound bite answers(lies) being spewed 24-7 by the traditional media. One thing that came each of his posts (Now numbering 520+) was the breadth of his knowledge to go along with his ability.... to simplify it a Mandelman Matters blog.

Today I'm humbled and honored intersect ...with all my Heroes... in a podcast.
Link below to the 30 minute podcast. And please...start reading...Mandelman Matters
FRONT LINE NEWS, A Mandelman Matters Podcast – December 23, 2011


A favorable ruling from Florida’s Supreme Court in the Pino Case… what does it potentially mean to homeowners across the country and the foreclosure mill attorneys whored by the banks to pursue the many thousands of foreclosures that happen each day in this country. Florida foreclosure defense attorney, Matt Weidner and Lisa Epstein of join me to explain the significance of the decision.


A popular blogger, Marco, from, went over and above the call of duty when {the day after}Occupy Wall Street’s first foreclosure recognition day {Dec 6th}, he managed to stop a homeowner from being evicted. Marco joins me from Ohio, so you’ll hear the whole story straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Just click the PLAY button below and in just 30 minutes you’ll get the details from the experts that know the significance that lies behind the headlines and the sound bites.
 (PLAY HERE to Listen, Open or Save as MP3 file (Download MP3)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

BLOG + Occupy + Attorney = NO EVICTION

          OHIO FRAUDclosure Blog assisted with an eviction intervention
However, we are all humbled by the courage, bravery and conviction of the
                                  BRIAN BAYLESS FAMILY
   Ohio FRAUDclosure + Occupy Columbus + Attorney = NO EVICTION
    only the Homeowner at a time

Replay of Citizen Warriors broadcast (12-10-11) from Palm Beach Gardens in Florida 
View & Listen (below) to the harrowing "eviction" as shared by call-in guests:
Brave Ohio Homeowner: Brian Bayless
Attorney: Bruce Broyles
OhioFraudclosure Blogger: Marco

Radio Show Hosts & Citizen Warrior Heroes: Lisa Epstein and Michael Redman
Who are these brave individuals? Read Below

Grassroots effort leads to attorney general probe
How 2 Civilian Sleuths - brought foreclosure problems to light 

Websites: and

See related: OCCUPY OUR HOMES - Day of Action
See related: HOLIDAY EVICTION moratorium "Cover-Up"

See OHIO related: OCCUPY COLUMBUS - Ready to Help
See OHIO related: OHIO'S Housing vacancy - up 50% - in past decade
Are we approaching a point in time - where homeowners are "Rising Up" - AGAIN

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


"Those who do not not notice their chains"
                      Rosa Luxemborg (Russian activist) 1871 - 1919

“Ohio is fortunate to have a nationally recognized blogger who participated in shaping the narrative and anti-foreclosure language being shared during this National Day of Action. Throughout the foreclosure crisis there has been an absence of national attention to the plight of the Ohio Homeowner. However, through the OhioFraudclosure blog - information, education and support is available for homeowners’ seeking to defend their homes”…. Says an OHIO based attorney
James Thilman/Gothamist
12-6-11  OCCUPY WALL STREET  in New York
It's a lovely day for a foreclosure tour, and Occupy Wall Street has taken to East New York to highlight the affects of the continuing housing crisis that continues to cripple the entire country. Our own James Thilman is on the scene, and notes that the crowd has swelled to nearly 400, with neighbors joining the march as it makes its way from one foreclosed home to the next. "We are here in East New York where the rate of foreclosure is 3 times higher than the entirety of Brooklyn and 5 times higher than the state," Minister Patricia Malcolm told the crowd. "Today we are real estate agents…We are going to look for those homes that are unoccupied and we are going to rent them out today."  The march has reached its destination, 702 Vermont Street, where a family will reside in a home that has been unoccupied for three years. Alfredo Carrasquillo, Tasha Glasgow, and her two children will be under the watch of Occupy Wall Street's "eviction defense team." "I want to thank the NYPD for all their support. I hope they don't wake me up in my bed at 2 a.m." Carrasquillo half-jokingly told the crowd. Thilman notes that he choked up a bit when speaking to the group.
Glasgow and her children, an eight year-old girl with autism and a five year-old boy, previously received a housing voucher through the NYC "Advantage" program in the spring, but it was withdrawn after Mayor Bloomberg enacted budget cuts. Once a few housewarming gifts were passed to the family, Carrasquillo and other volunteers began working to fix up the property.


Hastags  #OccupyHomes and #D6.
The national website twitter account is:  @OccupyOurHomes

Tuesday, December 6, has been declared a National Day of Action to Occupy Our Homes. Its goal is to focus attention on the corrupt banking practices that led to the mortgage boom and today's ongoing economic misery for most of the 99 percent.
Demonizing the Victim
Resisting illegal foreclosures is a good first step. It brings attention to Wall Street's criminality, and plain old inhumanity toward the people they call their"customers" - but treat like serfs.
It does something else important: It counteracts the brainwashing, driven by Wall Street and dutifully echoed by the media, which has demonized the victims of bank misbehavior.
(We were trying to fight that brainwashing back in 2008, without much luck.)
The Occupy movement has already won several battles in that war. If the public's attention can now be focused on people like Ana Wison, that can be a powerful blow against the Wall Street/corporate media "they deserve it" hype.
Bank of America "Blinks" when facing Occupy Our Homes ...with "Internal Memo"

.....And if you have not heard about today's protest on the conventional media that is understandable: as BAC says internally, this event "could impact our industry." Here are the specific warnings to BAC "field services" agents: i) Your safety is our primary concern, so do not engage with the protesters; ii) While in neighborhoods, please take notice of vacant BAC Field Services managed homes and ensure they are secured; iii) Remind all parties of the bank’s media policy and report any media incidents......more (HERE)

It's also a day for helping people in our communities who have been victimized by predatory lending, criminal bank forgery, unfair or illegal foreclosure practices, and other bank abuses that victimize the public. Here in Los Angeles, where an inspiring victory has already taken place, OccupyLA will help two brave families re-occupy their illegally foreclosed homes.

Huffington Post:  Detroit
As part of a countrywide day of action planned to combat foreclosure practices and home evictions, two Metro Detroit households will open their homes to Occupy Detroiters Tuesday in an effort to halt foreclosures at the homes.
The actions in Detroit are in part spearheaded by Occupy Detroit and Occupy Our Homes, a national coalition focused on foreclosures that has developed out of the Occupy movement.
On Tuesday protesters affiliated with those two groups will try to bring attention to the plight of Debbie and Rob Henry, a married couple from the Detroit suburb of Southgate. They could be kicked out of their home of seven years by January, according to Shannon McEvilly, a Detroit area spokeswoman for Occupy Our Homes.


No place like home:"Occupy Wall Street" targets foreclosures

International Business Times:

Occupy Homes: Protesters Target Foreclosures on Dec. 6 

Courtesy of Daily Kos Blog