Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy Movement... turns attention Foreclosures

OccupyWallStreet has turned its national attention to the topic of FORECLOSURE
The movement officially released their support for a National Day of Action (HERE)
OHIO FRAUDclosure is a proud participant, planner, and supporter !!!

On Tues. December 6th visit this blog for LIVE updates, streaming video, and pictures from in and around OHIO during a day long "look-in" on the action

"This {day} is a shift from protesting Wall Street fraud to taking action on behalf of people who were harmed by it. It brings the movement into the neighborhoods and gives people a sense of what’s really at stake," said Max Berger, one of the Occupy Our Homes organizers and a member of Occupy Wall Street’s working group

DECEMBER 6th - National Day of Action
The OccupyWallStreet movement and brave homeowners around the country are coming together On Tuesday December 6th, We - the 99% will stand up to Wall Street banks and demand they negotiate with homeowners .....instead of fraudulently foreclosing on them

Like many of the Occupy actions that have focused on specific policy questions, this one is being organized by established groups along with their allies in the movement. Among the allied groups listed on the Occupy Our Homes website is OHIO FRAUDclosure !!!

Occupy Wall Street is promising a "big day of action" Dec. 6 that will focus on the foreclosure crisis and protest "fraudulent lending practices," "corrupt securitization," and illegal evictions by banks. The day will mark the beginning of an Occupy Our Homes campaign that organizers hope will energize the movement.

Many of the details aren’t yet public, but protesters in 20 cities are expected to take part in the day of action next Tuesday. We’ve already seen eviction defenses at foreclosed properties around the country as well as takeovers of vacant properties for homeless families. Occupy Our Homes organizer Abby Clark tells me protesters are planning a "mic-check" to disrupt foreclosure auctions as well as launch some new home occupations.

On the Occupy Wall Street side of things, members of the direct action working group and the movement-building group in New York have been involved in the project. A network of groups organized as Take Back the Land has been doing eviction defenses and related actions around the country for five years, according to organizer Max Rameau."Now with this Occupy movement ramping up, I think we have a significant chance to keep large numbers of people in their home,"  

“[The goal is to] not only force the banks to allow the family to stay in the home. But also then force policy changes that would help thousands of other people for whom we’re not doing eviction defenses.”...Rameau told Democracy Now earlier this month.


Previous "Day of Action" coverage: D-Day is coming...Occupy our Homes

Why is this day important..ohh..just another typical BANK foreclosure on a
103 year old woman...causing her 83 year old daughter to be hospitalized

Attorney view point (HERE) that differs from his constituents legal stance (borrower's fault)

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Occupy protesters (left) and a formerly boarded-up duplex taken over by protesters in Seattle's Central District this month.
A formerly boarded-up duplex taken over by Occupy protesters(left) in Seattle's Central District this month.
(Credit: AP/Louis Lanzano/Elaine Thompson)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Huge Pay & Bonuses for Fannie & Freddie Executives! Cover-up attempted by using Holiday eviction delays

In an attempt to "cover-up" the insidious and outrageous bonuses they had planned to award themselves, a Fannie Mae insider was told to leak word that a "goodwill announcement" (press release) is imminent. This Holiday Goodwill is purported to be a two week (Dec 19th - Jan 2nd) "temporary suspension" of scheduled foreclosure evictions. It's intended to show the companies compassion, for homeowners, during the 2011 December Holiday season.   REALLY?...Compassion? Homeowners - expect the below 2011 Holiday Greeting Card.
The timing of this hollow & bogus gesture coming from the collapsed and failed Fannie Mae should cause OUTRAGE to all homeowners. It will surely be followed, by a similar announcement, from the other step-child, also in government foster care - Freddie Mac. The planned Holiday Announcement (yet to be made) was originally scheduled to be released two weeks ago and was supposed to give an additional 3-day eviction reprieve and encompass the Thanksgiving Holiday period of Wednesday Nov. 23rd - Friday Nov. 25th.
I can only imagine the excitement that would have been expressed by many homeowners. Something like..."Wow...your kidding...a whole 3-days...what a life-saver!"
Art Work by Pete Graff

However, after their outrageous pay and bonuses were made public, it was decided to temporarily delay the phony announcement good news about the 3-day Turkey eviction reprieves. Instead the top 2 executives heading the seized housing fiance giants were dragged "up the hill" (to Washington) and forced to explain, to members of a Congressional committee, why they deserved a combined $12 MILLION in salary and bonuses for 2011. Yes, you read it right, theses two axxholes (below) want a mere.... $12 million for 2011.
            Photo Courtesy of LATimes
12 Executives at the 2 firms received roughly $35.4 Million in salary and bonuses in 2009 & 2010. Fannie CEO - Michael J Williams reaped $9.3 Million in 2009 and 2010
Freddie CEO - Edward Halderman Jr. was paid $7.8 million in 2009 and 2010. Apparently that type of income was not enough, and all this "came to light" and was further exposed when Fannie & Freddie asked US taxpayers to ante up another $13.8 BILLION to cover losses for their 3rd quarter (July 2011-Sept 2011) mismanagement. These two companies, owned by you and me, continue to act as "mortgage garbage cans" for the large banks. The Too Big To Fail (TBTF) banks repeatedly sell their bad and non-performing loans to Fannie & Freddie in order to clean-up their balance sheets and "Dump the Debt" onto the backs of hardworking Americans. To date - U.S. Taxpayers were forced gave about $169 BILLION Dollars to rescue Fannie and Freddie. They have easily been the most expensive bailouts of the 2008 financial crisis and keep hemorrhaging massive amounts of money. The government "cost estimates" to maintain these two trash barrels, along with the high-priced executive payrolls, could reach $220 billion ...and that guesstimate is to support them...only through year 2014!

Even more amazing - watching these "tone deaf" executives attempt to JUSTIFY - under oath - their insane compensation. (C-span testimony below) It is truly - Sickening to watch
Listen to U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings (MD) at 34:15 point
Listen to OHIO Representative Dennis Kucinich beginning at the 50:01 point
WARNING: Watching may cause nausea and vomiting....or temporary turrets syndrome.

Regardless of the outcome, of the congressional review, be looking for the 2011 bogus PR announcements from Fannie & Freddie along with other carefully crafted statements from all the Big Banks gifting Holiday Goodwill. 

Below is an Actual Statement Released by Fannie Mae President & CEO Michael J. Williams on December 17, 2009 when announcing that evictions would be suspended for a 14 day period (Sat Dec 19, 2009-Sun Jan 3, 2010) of which 8 days were either a holiday or weekend.

"No family should have to face the prospect of being evicted during the Holiday Season"

Williams efforts to make a short eviction reprieve appear as "A Gift" is really an effort to disguise and deceive. In fact, the Holidays are simply an untimely delay to execution of the eviction process, which is usually dumped on local law enforcement. They (police) don’t want to be the “bad guys” or to be seen as throwing families "out on the street" during the Holidays. These bogus announcements, as Holiday eviction delays, are simply giant orchestrated PR moves "spoon-fed" to the media COVERING UP the on-going FRAUDclosures & Evictions that happen 3,000 times every single day. Well...except know... not during the soon to be announced... Holiday Eviction Delay

And stay we will be posting these ridiculous PR statements... as they're released by the two government wards (Fannie & Freddie) and the various other criminal enterprises banks and lenders.

OccupyWallStreet leaders had seen enough and released information for a Day of Action

Monday, November 21, 2011

D-Day is coming...Occupy our Homes

DECEMBER 6th - National Day of Action
The OccupyWallStreet movement and brave homeowners around the country are coming together to say, "Enough is enough." We, the 99%, are standing up to Wall Street banks and demanding they negotiate with homeowners instead of fraudulently foreclosing on them.
Everyone deserves to have a roof over their head and a place to call home. Millions of Americans have worked hard for years for the opportunity to own their own home; for others, it remains a distant goal. For all of us, having a decent place to live for ourselves and our families is the most fundamental part of the American dream, a source of security and pride.

In 2008, we discovered bankers and speculators had been gambling with our most valuable asset, our homes--betting against us and destroying trillions of dollars of our wealth. Now, because of the foreclosure crisis Wall Street banks created with their lies and greed, millions of Americans have lost their homes, and one in four homeowners are currently underwater on their mortgage.

Not only do we have thousands of people without homes, we have thousands of homes without people. Boarded-up houses are sitting empty--increasing crime, lowering the value of other homes in the neighborhood, erasing the wealth that lifts families into the middle class.
For more information:

A growing number of homeowners & supporters are standing up to the banks & demanding that the banks correct the mortgage principal to fair market value. 
 I will:
Resist attempts by the FRAUDsters (banks & servicers) to "steal" our homes. 
Take necessary action(s) to Support American Homeowners. 
• If they attempt to foreclose, I will not go
• If they attempt to evict, I will not go
• If they attempt to "Steal" my neighbors home, I will stand with my neighbor in solidarity
I will:
- sign petitions
- make phone calls
- contact caring - local and national organizations
- join efforts of local and national organizations that help with foreclosure defense & to help stop evictions
- help spread the word

OCCUPY Minneapolis formed a human chain around Sa'ra Kaiser's foreclosed home, preventing the officers from boarding it up, and ultimately forcing the police - who had no legitimate legal pretense for preventing occupiers from being their in the first place - to give up. US BANK wanted to evict another homeowner and blight another house and neighborhood.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Breaking News - Foreclosure Crisis Solved

OK - I admit - the headline is a stretch .....but at least I have your attention. Look everyone... we've been in this FRAUDclosure Mess for about 4 years now and sadly nothing has changed! We've tried to expose the outrageous and illegal behavior exhibited by the all the "banksters." We've tried to show the Asleep-At-The-Wheel government entities..... from the White the the outhouse!! Yet - Nothing changes.

Today, I decided the best course of action is to let a couple "Einsteins" tackle the subject. These two outstanding writers Martin Andelman & Abigail Field have uncovered the "dirty little secret" about this whole foreclosure mess and ....IT WAS NOT CAUSED BY............IRRESPONSIBLE BORROWERS !!!

The IRRESPONSIBLE BORROWER is a "stereotype" being reinforced by those who benefit by blaming the borrowers. In other words - IRRESPONSIBLE BORROWERS did NOT cause the foreclosure problem! As Martin explains....describing Homeowners in foreclosure (i.e. delinquent borrowers) as "IRRESPONSIBLE BORROWERS" is just "labelling." This is NOT accidental, but instead.... a coordinated and highly sophisticated communications initiative being implemented by motivated experts.
Over the past year, and especially in the last couple days I've spoken to Martin. (Yes !! he was working on a solution and talking by phone - even on a SUNDAY!).     And to be honest....I've never heard him so upset. But, his emotions were contained and overridden with his equally passionate efforts  - to get the truth out !! We discussed the possibility of attempting to get all the major bloggers - as a group - to get the message out - together - jointly. Well... read the part of his post (below) that address that component:

.....Bloggers:  We don’t compete with each other, Abigail and I write articles, we don’t sell advertising, so cross post this article and ask your readers to send it to everyone they know.  And get in touch, because we’re building a list of “thought leaders” and we need your name and contact information on that list.
That way, when we produce an article or research report intended to address the “irresponsible borrower” stereotype, we can email it to you so you know to post it.  We need to get this one message out as far and wide as possible.

.....and to the Attorneys:  ....You have Websites and blogs, but more importantly you have clients you talk to everyday that are a part of this fight.  I know how busy you are, but I need you to spend the extra 10 minutes it takes to not only post this and other articles to come, but to tell your clients about what we’re doing over here… tell them to read it on Mandelman Matters or on your site, or anywhere else.

To that end -  Do not just read this....and then say....WOW...what a great piece of work. Instead Tweet, Link, Facebook, and/or Forward this (by email )to at least 10 people who ARE NOT IN FORECLOSURE. I repeat - forward THIS communication to 10 know.... THAT ARE NOT IN FORECLOSURE. Don't worry, we already have the homeowners' reading, tweeting, and linking - that are suffering ....IN FRAUDclosure.

We need to educate the public.... on the truth .....and we need to do it now!

I have tried, in the past, to use a simple dictionary DEFINITION:

However - TODAY - I ask that you sit back and carefully read - probably the best researched and most complete picture...that we got here.... and.... what message we need.... to order to go forward so that history ......DOESN'T repeat itself !!

The TRUTH and great post from MY FRIEND -  Martin Andelman - is linked below & titled:

Our future hinges on just ONE thing…