Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ed DeMarco Refuses to help Taxpayers & Homeowners

Insane man: courtesy of Bush Administration
"Honest...I didn't know throwing them an anchor....would cause them to drown"

President Obama: Please Fire FHFA Director Ed DeMarco

New York Times: Opinion - FIRE DeMarco

The "tone-deaf" bureaucrat has clearly lost his mind and his schizophrenic behaviour is on display. Ed DeMarco is a sad, but powerful career politician that is a holdover {leftover} from the Bush Administration. As acting Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency(FHFA) DeMarco oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which control or own over half the nation's mortgages.

Ed DeMarco has refused to allow for any meaningful relief for homeowners and has been stonewalling taxpayers in attempt to avoid a Principal Correction (reduction) conversation.  It has been made clear, that without Fannie and Freddie taking action, millions of homeowners will remain underwater {paying more to their mortgage - than their home is worth} and contributing to the vicious cycle of the housing/foreclosure crisis. 

For millions of families on the financial brink, the REFUSAL, by DeMarco to allow a mortgage principal correction {to fair market value} is the difference between an economic recovery or crashing the economy. Earlier this year, it was revealed that DeMarco hid critical documents showing that FHFA was on the verge of approving a principal reduction/correction program until HE quashed the plans & reports. 

We need an honest director not someone willing to mislead Congress & the President.
President Obama if your serious about restoring the housing market and standing with American homeowners, tax-payers, and the 99%, you must get rid of Ed DeMarco.

DeMarco Wins Gold in New Event: Stonewalling on Principal Reduction

FHFA to reject Principal Reductions for Fannie & Freddie 

Huffington Post Business: Top Housing official {DeMarco} defies White House

Letters Below {proving a future insanity defense for DeMarco}
In a move that brings two federal "tone-deaf" agencies as close to warfare as possible within the confines of bureaucratic memos, the Treasury Department called out housing regulator Edward DeMarco on Tuesday for his continued refusal to offer a key piece of housing assistance to underwater borrowers struggling to save their homes from foreclosure.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency's own analysis has shown that principal reduction could help up to 500,000 homeowners and save taxpayers as much as $1 billion, Tim Geithner wrote: {principal reduction} could save Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac {the government-controlled mortgage giants} up to $3.6 billion.

The response by DeMarco {letter to Congress - below} reaffirms his opposition to principal reduction, a move championed by many housing advocates and economists. DeMarco wrote that his agency's analysis found that the taxpayer benefit of writing down the mortgage values "would not make a meaningful improvement in reducing foreclosures in a cost effective way for taxpayers."
Letter to FHFA

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ohio Bombshell: Former AG takes on LPS, Mills & Servicers

BOMBSHELL:  CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT filed in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland)

Explosive Legal News: 
Cuyahoga County:  Court of Common Pleas
Case: 2012 CV 787639   
Judge: Michael Donnelly
Jury Trial Demanded

Linda Clark, Doehner, Lowery, Whiteman, YEAGER
Urgent Update: CALL to ACTION for plaintiff being evicted (HERE)

Lender Processing Services (LPS) 
LPS Default Solutions 
Fidelity National Information Services (FNIS)
American Home Mortgage Bank Servicing (AHMSI)

This is a major action and EXPLOSIVE NEWS in the FRAUDclosure battle

The name of this blog is OHIO FRAUDclosure, so we want to stay on target topic!  This IS a major story and a long awaited and much anticipated Class Action lawsuit. The complaint clearly spells out the criminal behaviour of the co-conspiring entities which acted in concert while participating and perpetrating enormous FRAUD in OHIO's foreclosures. 
Folks - this is much bigger than the State of OHIO and is proof positive that Ohio's top legal warrior and consumer advocate is still Marc Dann! Our former Attorney General along with some powerful legal allies have filed this action on behalf of a proposed class consisting of:

ALL OHIO CITIZENS who were (a) defendants in judicial foreclosure actions {with} first lien mortgages on their homes that were purportedly held by securitization trusts, and that were knowingly initiated and prosecuted by Defendants on behalf of parties that lacked legal standing to do so, and (b) who were damaged by Defendants’ abusive foreclosure practices, including: (i) preparing, executing, and notarizing fraudulent court documents and assignments of mortgages and other property records that were used to initiate and prosecute such foreclosures, and (ii) imposing inflated, unfair, unreasonable and/or fabricated fees for “default management services” (the “Class”) Three (3) categories of defendants {Servicers, Foreclosure document venders, and Foreclosure Mills) acted in concert and conspired in furtherance of the fraudulent scheme to generate enormous profits from default servicing fees by knowingly initiating foreclosure actions on behalf of entities that lacked legal standing to bring such actions.
OHIO FRAUDclosure spoke with attorney Marc Dann, by phone, and there is much more to come.

92 page Class Action Complaint: DOWNLOAD HERE

Sadly, in what appears to be an instant counter action and outrageous and unconscionable retaliatory attack - a 10-day eviction notice was posted on Plaintiff Michael and Laura YEAGER's home only giving them until Friday August 3rd - to move out! The PREDATOR DRONE foreclosure mill law firm (REIMER, ARNOVITZ, CHERNEK& JEFFREY CO LPA ) had filed a writ-of-possession with the Lake County Ohio Sheriff's department. The morally corrupt  bank sponsored attorney - Kristi Pallen* - (kpallen@reimerlaw.com) (330-405-1199) has fought hard to legally block the Yeager's request for a  Stay (of an eviction) and also has refused a supersedeas property bond offer (collateral).
*Kristi Pallen - Previous irresponsible, bank-sponsored, failed action ADMONISHED:
*Plaintiff’s counsel, Attorney Kristi Brown, also identified as Attorney Kristi Pallen, filed this matter on behalf of bogus Plaintiff, U.S. Bank National Association.
The Court finds Plaintiff’s counsel (Krisit Brown kna Kristi Pallen) did not follow Local Rule 4.2. filing procedures for service by Certified Mail....and...
The Court strikes all entries pertaining to service and further, the Court finds Plaintiff’s counsel failed to prosecute this matter...and.. Therefore, it is ORDERED this case is dismissed, without prejudice, .....and for Want of Prosecution. It is further ORDERED this case is dismissed as to Willie Grady aka Willie Grady, Jr., and Unknown Spouse, if any, for failure to perfect service within 120 days, according to Fed.R.Civ.P 4.
Plaintiff’s counsel is admonished !!!!! as to Service by Certified Mail.

This great attorney, and former AG, remains active in OHIO while continuing to fight and wage legal battles against the TBTF banks and Predator Drone (Foreclosure Mill) law firms. He continues to be a champion for those fighting violations of their Consumer Rights. Dann twice has taken time out of his busy schedule for phone interviews with OHIO FRAUDclosure. He recently drove two hours to meet with us and share an "inside look" at his busy schedule and planned future legal actions. Many of these actions will have an impact at a national level with possible implications to the ever changing Federal Laws guiding foreclosure judges. Marc Dann has filed Class Actions suits against Servicers for foreclosing on borrowers that were either eligible for or in a HAMP modification. Additionally he filed a "Class Action" suit against a giant OHIO Predator Drone (foreclosure mill) law firm Lerner Sampson Rothfuss (LSR). Unfortunately, the terms of the settlement could not be shared with us, but we've assumed the homeowners were made happy.

Additionally national blogger Martin Andelman (Mandelman Matters) shared this phone interview as an audio podcast (Click Here).