Saturday, March 31, 2012

Don't Worry - Be Happy

Mainstream Media & Talking Heads (TelePrompter readers):
Everything is OK - We're in a recovery - Jobless numbers are

        Don't Worry - Be Happy.....Bobby McFerrin...1989

HOME PRICE ......recovery:
Home prices in the United States hit a 10 year low in the month of January. 
Home prices are now down 34.4 percent from the peak in 2006.

Cities are Recovering .....Just Fine:
City of Baltimore, Maryland is so broke that it has decided to look into selling off some of the most famous historical landmarks in the city.
City of Costa Mesa, California is so broke that is has decided to sell off its police helicopters.
City of Trenton, New Jersey is so broke that it has decided to indefinitely postpone buying more toilet paper for city buildings.
City of Harrisburg, (capital of) Pennsylvania is so broke that it has decided to start skipping debt payments.
City of Los Angeles, California will be laying off "a large number of employees".
The State of Nevada has a 12.3 percent unemployment rate.

Don't worry about a thing: 
Yahoo is going to be laying off thousands of workers.
Best Buy has just announced plans to close 50 stores.
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon - the risk of recession....
Total student loan debt in America has now passed the 1 trillion dollar mark,
270 billion dollars of student loans are at least 30 days delinquent.
The savings rate in the United States has fallen back to pre-financial crisis levels.

The average price of a gallon of gasoline is rapidly approaching the $4.00 mark.
Median household income is down 7.8 % since December 2007 after adjusting for inflation.

When Barack Obama took office, the number of "long-term unemployed workers" in the United States was approximately 2.6 million.  Today, that number is sitting at 5.6 million.
20% of Americans will be 65 or older by 2030 and nobody has any idea where all the money is going to come from to pay them the benefits that they have been promised.
More Americans are dependent on government than any other time in U.S. history.
The number of Americans on food stamps has increased by 14 million since 2008.
The U.S. government will add more to the national debt in 2012.
The U.S. national debt is currently increasing by about 150 million dollars every single hour.
The Federal Reserve bought 61% of all government debt issued by the U.S. Treasury in 2011.

Links to stories and topics from the blog: The Economic Collapse

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A Bayless family supporter passed along the new "decoration" to Bayless home window

At 9:00am on March 15th US BANK....

...STOLE THIS HOUSE !!!                           

Thursday March 15th - 9:00am - EVICTED - EVICTED - EVICTED
Thur. morning we (the 99%) suffered a defeat to the 1% (US Bank/Wells Fargo). Although there’d been a nationwide outpouring of support by emails, phone calls and faxes (thank you) on behalf of Bayless family, the aged Judge - REFUSED – to listen to attorney Bruce Broyle’s motion to quash (eviction) and instead ordered the sheriff to quickly begin the “set-out” process.
Four sheriff deputies were at the home, assuring the Bayless family (of 7) were “thrown to the curb" (in the pouring rain) from a place they've called home the past13 years.

US Bank/Wells Fargo have bought and paid for favorable decisions ("bank-assisted" crime) from this court and long had this out-of-touch aged Judge - Duncan Whitney  -"in their pocket" for favorable bank decisions. Please call and fax the court (at below numbers) and let this Judge and Court know…that once has become a crime scene. Whitney strongly believes "blighting" neighborhoods will help bank balance sheets recover with more MLS sales.
"Bank Owned" Judge

W. Duncan Whitney
Delaware County, Oh 43015
CALL: Judge Whitney's Office - 740-833-2530
COURT: (740) 833-2519 or Fax: (740) 833-2529
 EMAIL: "Bank Owned" Judge directly
or "Bank Owned" Court system:


The shocking video was an EVICTION attempt and HAPPENED only 3 months ago
It was excerpted from a few minutes of camera-phone footage taken by terrified homeowner, Brian Bayless, during a harrowing & surprise eviction attempt by Delaware County Sheriffs.
Unfortunately, similar events play-out on a daily basis all across the country. 3,000 evictions & foreclosures EVERY SINGLE DAY. They come at the request of "Predator Drone" foreclosure firms representing phony alphabet-soup trusts. The local authorities and movers descend upon the unsuspecting families. It happens every day and is non-stop. NOW - see and experience the pure terror that occurs ...when they come to evict.WARNING the video footage and accompanying dialogue (and children crying) are real. This is very disturbing video and may not be suitable to watch...unless your devoid of emotion - like LSR attorney Andrew Top
Listen, Witness and Experience the inhumane side of a Predator Drone strike
ordered by LERNER SAMPSON ROTHFUSS (LSR) a foreclosure Mill Piranha

They are coming EVICTED this family - THURSDAY March 15 at 9am unless we stop it!  


Predator Drone Foreclosure Mills (Hired by Wells Fargo Servicing/Eviction Depart.):

Lerner Sampson & Rothfuss LPA (LSR)
RE: Attorney - Andrew “Madman” Top at x4968
or Jessica in evictions
RE: LSR Case Number: 200809509
120 East Fourth Street, 8th Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202
PHONE: (513) 241-3100   FAX: (513) 241-4094
Reference LSR Case Number: 200809509 & Wells Fargo Loan: 7003344

Thompson Hine, LLP
Austin Landing I
10050 Innovation Drive, Suite 400, Dayton, Ohio 45342
PHONE: 937-443-6600     FAX: 937-443- 6635
Attorneys: (Scott King & Terry Posey)
Please phone, email and fax above entities. Stand up, Be Heard, Make a difference
Be a DOER Urgent! – Urgent! – Urgent! – Urgent! – Urgent! – Urgent!
in Bayless Case

WELLS FARGO: (as Servicer) purportedly acting on Behalf of US BANK (as Trustee)
Robo-Signing continues at Wells Fargo (HERE) 
Send action emails that Reference Name: Bayless  & Wells Fargo Loan: 7003344
To CEO John Stumph:, & Wells Fargo employees

Delaware County Ohio Common Pleas Court (Lower Court)
ASK the court to QUASH the WRIT
Delaware, Oh 43015
(740) 833-2519 (Fax)
Judge Whitney's Office - 740-833-2530
Judge Krueger's Office - 740-833-2550
Magistrate Laughlin's Office - 740-833-2565
Magistrate Weithman's Office 740-833-2542

US BANK Corporate Trust for SASCO (Structured Asset Securities Corp) 2005-RF4
SEE ACTION at US Bank CEO's home - MARCH 14th (HERE)
Contact:  Kathleen Sullivan
Email: Phone:  617-603-6467
Other Corporate Trust Contacts:
Contact: Beth Nally   Phone:  617-603-6882  Email:
Jennifer Moynihan    Phone:  617-603-7629  Email:
Piyusha Shirname     Phone:  617-603-6550  Email:
Paul Gobin                 Phone: 617-603-6630  Email:

Contact: US SENATOR:
Sherrod Brown
EMAIL the senator - fill our form (HERE)

PHONE: Washington, DC: (202) 224-2315 In Ohio Toll Free: 1-888-896-OHIO (6446) Columbus: (614) 469-2083 or Cincinnati: (513) 684-1021 Cleveland: (216) 522-7272 or Lorain: (440) 242-4100

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mortgage Servicing Agreement Filed in Federal Court

(picture courtesy of DOJ)
Justice Department, HUD & State AG's FILE $25 Billion AGREEMENT in D.C. 
FIVE Mortgage Servicers to Address Mortgage Loan Servicing & Foreclosure Abuses

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and 49 state attorneys general announced today the filing of their landmark $25 billion agreement with the nation’s five largest mortgage servicers to address mortgage loan servicing and foreclosure abuses. The federal government and state attorneys general filed in U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia proposed consent judgments with Bank of America Corporation, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo & Company, Citigroup Inc. and Ally Financial Inc., to resolve violations of state and federal law.   

The unprecedented joint agreement is the largest federal-state civil settlement ever obtained and is the result of extensive investigations by federal agencies, including the Department of Justice, HUD and the HUD Office of the Inspector General (HUD-OIG), and state attorneys general and state banking regulators across the country.

The consent judgments provide the details of the servicers’ financial obligations under the agreement, which include payments to foreclosed borrowers and more than $20 billion in consumer relief; new standards the servicers will be required to implement regarding mortgage loan servicing and foreclosure practices; and the oversight and enforcement authorities of the independent settlement monitor, Joseph A. Smith Jr
Read the rest of the press release (HERE)

The court documents filed today also provide detailed new servicing standards that the mortgage servicers will be required to implement.  These standards will prevent foreclosure abuses of the past, such as robo-signing, improper documentation and lost paperwork, and create new consumer protections.  The new standards provide for strict oversight of foreclosure processing, including third-party vendors, and new requirements to undertake pre-filing reviews of certain documents filed in bankruptcy court.  The new servicing standards make foreclosure a last resort by requiring servicers to evaluate homeowners for other loss mitigation options first.  Servicers will be restricted from foreclosing while the homeowner is being considered for a loan modification.  The new standards also include procedures and timelines for reviewing loan modification applications and give homeowners the right to appeal denials.  Servicers will also be required to create a single point of contact for borrowers seeking information about their loans and maintain adequate staff to handle calls.

  • Ally Financial Inc. Consent Judgment (PDF)

  • Bank of America Corporation Consent Judgment (PDF)

  • Citigroup Inc. Consent Judgment (PDF)

  • J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Consent Judgment (PDF)

  • Wells Fargo & Company Consent Judgment (PDF)

  • For more information about the task force visit:

    BLOGGER/WRITER: David Dayen asks a simple question
    ......You might ask why ANY industry with this kind of performance record would be allowed to stay in business. It would be a good question........(HERE)

    First of all, as we’ve been documenting, these are larger releases from liability than at first contemplated. It’s not just a “robo-signing” settlement. Among the elements released in the settlement include foreclosure fraud, numerous instances of varied servicer abuse, violations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, whistleblower claims of fraud in HAMP, origination errors, false documentation in court, violations of the False Claims Act, appraisal fraud at Countrywide, fair lending violations, underwriting inaccuracies on FHA loans, and more. Here’s just one list from the complaint of servicing abuses found by the government:
    a. failing to timely and accurately apply payments made by borrowers and failing to maintain accurate account statements;
    b. charging excessive or improper fees for default-related services;
    c. failing to properly oversee third party vendors involved in servicing activities on behalf of the Banks;
    d. imposing force-placed insurance without properly notifying the borrowers and when borrowers already had adequate coverage;
    e. providing borrowers false or misleading information in response to borrower complaints; and
    f. failing to maintain appropriate staffing, training, and quality control systems.
    And here’s another list on loan modification noncompliance (which in the case of FHA and other loans, is mandatory):
    a. failing to perform proper loan modification underwriting;
    b. failing to gather or losing loan modification application documentation and other paper work;
    c. failing to provide adequate staffing to implement programs;
    d. failing to adequately train staff responsible for loan modifications;
    e. failing to establish adequate processes for loan modifications;
    f. allowing borrowers to stay in trial modifications for excessive time periods;
    g. wrongfully denying modification applications;
    h. failing to respond to borrower inquiries;
    i. providing false or misleading information to consumers while referring loans to foreclosure during the loan modification application process;
    j. providing false or misleading information to consumers while initiating foreclosures where the borrower was in good faith actively pursuing a loss mitigation alternative offered by the Bank;
    k. providing false or misleading information to consumers while scheduling and conducting foreclosure sales during the loan application process and during trial loan modification periods;
    l. misrepresenting to borrowers that loss mitigation programs would provide relief from the initiation of foreclosure or further foreclosure efforts;
    m. failing to provide accurate and timely information to borrowers who are in need of, and eligible for, loss mitigation services, including loan modifications;
    n. falsely advising borrowers that they must be at least 60 days delinquent in loan payments to qualify for a loan modification;
    o. miscalculating borrowers’ eligibility for loan modification programs and improperly denying loan modification relief to eligible borrowers;
    p. misleading borrowers by representing that loan modification applications will be handled promptly when Banks regularly fail to act on loan modifications in a timely manner;
    q. failing to properly process borrowers’ applications for loan modifications, including failing to account for documents submitted by borrowers and failing to respond to borrowers’ reasonable requests for information and assistance;
    r. failing to assign adequate staff resources with sufficient training to handle the demand from distressed borrowers; and
    s. misleading borrowers by providing false or deceptive reasons for denial of loan modifications.

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    MLS tells WELLS FARGO: "Stop Deceiving"

    WELLS FARGO was caught lying to deceiving the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) in order to help sell (unload) "Bank-Owned" stolen properties. However, after being exposed caught
    WELLS FARGO has been told to immediately STOP this fraudulent listing practice.
    (photo courtesy of Huffingtonpost)
    You see, Wells REO properties, usually obtained by FRAUDclosure, needed to have a better sounding name, in order to unload them, from their Foreclosed Real Estate portfolio.

    That just isn't sexy sounding. So Realtors, listing these blighted-empty-foreclosed properties, were being asked to LIE and disguise Wells Fargo fraudulently obtained title and ownership.
    Who caught them...lying?  Was it the Florida Courts?...NO..
    How about the great Florida Attorney General - Pam BLondiE?....NO..
    Was it one of our Government Agencies?...NO..
    Maybe the NEW Consumer Financial Protective Bureau (CFPB) ...well ...NO...again

    Instead it was none other than the fine reporter Alexandra Clough who writes about real estate & the law for the Palm Beach Post. Her Sunday article (below) exposed the FRAUD
    We've excerpted a few salient quotes (lies) from the Wells spokesperson below:

    (Wells Fargo "Bank Speak" Action Figure with Moving Mouth)

    Tyler Smith- V. P. of REO Community Development for Wells Premier Asset Services:

    "Obviously, at first blush it looks like we're trying to hide behind something and a game is being played, but we have the interest of the community (only the bank), to preserve the property and stabilize the neighborhood"

    Translation: We're gaming the MLS system to cover our destruction of your neighborhoods

    [T]here is a negative connotation about bank-owned property, especially the property's condition. We want to change the perception."

    Translation: We don't want them to know we stole we need to disguise it

    "If a buyer wishes to put a contract on a bank-owned home, then it will become clear through paperwork the property is a foreclosure, and any defects or repairs can be corrected or reflected in the sales price."

    Translation: Like Robo-signed paperwork, we can create, correct, or have it say...anything

    [M]ost banks for some time have made it clear to agents {if they want the business} they {Wells Fargo}don't want the words "bank owned" {showing} in the MLS {listing}. [But] only recently has Wells Fargo begun to review the listings to ensure agents are complying with its preference {to deceive and hide the ownership}. Tyler Smith said he "understand the frustration that some agents have with the bank's preference for trying to hide its ownership on the MLS."

    Translation: Listen up agents - Lie, deceive, whatever ...just get someone to buy the house.


    Starting today, MLS real estate MUST disclose bank ownership

    Starting today, a service used by real estate agents to list homes for sale {MLS} will require that agents disclose whether a bank owns the property.The change comes two days after The Palm Beach Post reported that some banks, including Wells Fargo, tell real estate agents not to disclose the bank's ownership on the Multiple Listing Service. Some agents who sell bank-owned property privately said they feared losing business if they went against the wishes of the banks.

    The {Florida} state Department of Business and Professional Regulation prohibits misrepresentation and concealment by real estate agents, but it does not specifically address bank-owned properties, said Sandi Copes Poreda, director of communications. {and Pam Bondi would never do anything that would make the Banks - follow the law) But Craig Fialkowski of Realty Elite of the Palm Beaches in Wellington {clearly stated what Bondi and the AG office cannot fathom}he called hiding the ownership on MLS "unconscionable {and}there is absolutely no reason a seller should authorize (an agent) not to disclose material facts pertinent to the buyer's interest in the property."

    Nice job Alexandra - by shining the light on the FRAUD, you've brought about change

    MORE of WELLS FARGO deceitful and un-trust worthy behaviour:

    Martin Andelman:
    Wells Fargo you've deceived, confused, and beaten....a senior citizen
    Wells Fargo Insider: The independent Foreclosure review for OCC "IS A SHAM"

    Abigail Field: Wells Fargo Servicer Driven Foreclosure
    Is Stumpfs company Vicious & Incompetent OR vicious & Greedy ?
    At a slightly deeper layer, the idea that Wells’s word can’t be trusted because it’s not in writing is offensive because Wells has executed all kinds of writings can’t be trusted. For example, Wells files documents that say: hey, look, we know we said in earlier filings that this mortgage was paid off, but psyche! it wasn’t. (Examples here and here; to understand why these matter so much, consider the Reuters story I mentioned earlier.)
    The servicer {Wells Fargo} brazenness can’t be overstated. Check out what fraudclosure fighter and activist LISA EPSTEIN documented: the servicer is charging investors in a mortgage backed security fees for loans that don’t exist any more; they’ve been paid off or the houses foreclosed and sold to third parties
    Wells Fargo and Credit Bureaus SUED FOR DECEIT (story of 9-3-2011)

    Enhanced Online News: Wells Fargo Sued over excessive mortgage default fees

    Wells PAYS $ 85 Million to "settle" mortgage abuse lawsuit: (Huffingtonpost story)
    Wells Fargo & Co. has agreed to pay $85 million to settle civil charges that it falsified loan documents and pushed borrowers toward subprime mortgages with higher interest rates during the housing boom. The fine is the largest ever imposed by the Federal Reserve in a consumer-enforcement case.