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My personal HEROES in the FRAUDclosure Battle

My personal HEROES and the inspiration behind the start-up of OHIO FRAUDclosure Blog
Matt Weidner, Tom Ice, Lisa Epstein, and Martin Andelman

Today I'm humbled and honored intersect ...with all my Heroes... in a podcast.
Link below to the 30 minute audio podcast.....
FRONT LINE NEWS, A Mandelman Matters Podcast – December 23, 2011

Listen-up folks....I was just another FRAUADclosed upon homeowner...... living in Ohio, when exactly 8 months ago (April 23, 2011) I tried to thank, in a post, some people that had inspired me. These individuals gave me the courage needed to stand-up and be heard (by blogging)  
I wrote back then:
..........I must give a "Shout-Out" and public "Thank You" to attorneys that have given me courage and inspiration to take this first step (Blog). A THANK YOU - to the individuals below - is simply not enough. They are the brave ones that accepted and took up the fight, long ago. They paved the way for those of us that followed. The below attorneys have been waging legal battles in FL. courtrooms, and uncovering crimes by revealing the massive FRAUD being perpetrated in foreclosures.They have been dealing with these issues much better and longer than we have (in OHIO). They continue to change law, awaken lawmakers, save homes and improve the lives of thousands of people. Floridians, these are your state's heroes!
Florida Attorneys That are Ground-Breaking Legal Representatives - For the People!
Matt Weidner (Weidner Law)
Tom Ice (Ice Legal)

In the meantime, I knew there was this AMAZING gal (Lisa Epstein) down in West Palm Beach with a cool website - Foreclosure Hamlet - that was loaded with foreclosure defense information. Lisa can only be described - as a person with unbelievable courage. She, like me, had been going through an awakening of the FRAUD in foreclosure. But instead of "hiding in the shadows" or being allowed to be labeled as a victim, Lisa took action. She wrote letters, went to the courts, uncovered fraud, challenged the system, notified the Florida State Attorney General's Office of the Fraud upon the courts. She went to her State Senators and Representatives.....and knocked on congressional doors and called attorneys....and fought on...and and night. No matter what the odds....or size of the enemy....she refused to back down. In the same post (of April 23, 2011) I feebly tried to thank Lisa... and promising to post some of her inspirational work...I said:
...... And finally we will focus on Lisa Epstein, the Rosa Parks of Foreclosure. She refused to "give up her house," or be pushed aside or out of the courtroom. She is truly a hero and you will be inspired (as I was) by her story. I will dedicate a couple posts to her, as she has forever changed the landscape for those in Foreclosure
I've failed to feature my hero (Lisa) in a post....but she continues to inspire me.... daily .....
actually you can check out the whole April 23rd, 2011 post below:
 OHIO FRAUDclosure - A Thank You to FLORIDA Attorneys

Lastly, I had planned for some time to have a special blog post featuring my friend ....Martin. It is still a planned and upcoming post...but in the meantime.....rewind three years back. I'm in the midst of my own personal FRAUDclosure fight, when late one night I stumbled upon this amazing writer and blogger - Martin Andelman. Man could this guy write! He seemed to take all the complexities of the financial crisis and near wipe-out and meltdown (still in progress) of the US Housing market...and somehow.....make some sense out of it. I would read and re-read each of his posts. It was amazing how he could take a serious topic (Obama HAMP program) and make it......I have to admit.... really funny. First he would write about the serious side of the issue - then have you laughing out loud - then walk you to a point of being mad - to damn mad - to crazy mad .....and then to....well kinda back...full circle to the topic at hand. He left you wondering, thinking, and asking questions. He has this artistic writing style that seems to empower and give each of us the ability to NOT accept the government's sound bite answers(lies) being spewed 24-7 by the traditional media. One thing that came each of his posts (Now numbering 520+) was the breadth of his knowledge to go along with his ability.... to simplify it a Mandelman Matters blog.

Today I'm humbled and honored intersect ...with all my Heroes... in a podcast.
Link below to the 30 minute podcast. And please...start reading...Mandelman Matters
FRONT LINE NEWS, A Mandelman Matters Podcast – December 23, 2011


A favorable ruling from Florida’s Supreme Court in the Pino Case… what does it potentially mean to homeowners across the country and the foreclosure mill attorneys whored by the banks to pursue the many thousands of foreclosures that happen each day in this country. Florida foreclosure defense attorney, Matt Weidner and Lisa Epstein of join me to explain the significance of the decision.


A popular blogger, Marco, from, went over and above the call of duty when {the day after}Occupy Wall Street’s first foreclosure recognition day {Dec 6th}, he managed to stop a homeowner from being evicted. Marco joins me from Ohio, so you’ll hear the whole story straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Just click the PLAY button below and in just 30 minutes you’ll get the details from the experts that know the significance that lies behind the headlines and the sound bites.
 (PLAY HERE to Listen, Open or Save as MP3 file (Download MP3)

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