Monday, January 23, 2012

AMERICANS - Tell Obama & Attorney Generals - NO !!!

Hey OBAMA ! ...Remember Us?....Remember CHANGE?
NO DEALS with the Banks - NO Deals with WALL STREET
NO Sell-Out by encouraging the bogus Attorney General Settlement

What is Old... is New again....
NEW VERSION: (Eloquently Delived by ladies below) On January 19th, 2012, Many events were held across America with strong turnouts. The message: simply asking President Obama to Stand with the American People (that elected him) and "Investigate the Banks" involved in FRAUDclosure. Yes the same ones that caused the finacial crisis.
Mr President - The American people don't want a FRAUDclosure Deal (pay-off) packaged by the remaining (and morally weak) State Attorney Generals. We especially DO NOT want a deal being rammed through... simply so you have a "sound-bite" for the State Of The Union speech.

Mr President are you listening? To any of Us?
In case you missed it...hear it directly from the two ladies below

OLD VERSION: (of the settlement attempt)
It was over a year ago that "A Deal" was in the making until that darn Robo-Signing scandal (FRAUD) gummed up the quick pay-off attempt by Big Banks and their Servicers. Remember when Richard Cordray was the OHIO Attorney General (Now head of CFPB) the video from JAN. 2010
Shocking Video from one year ago of attempt to "Sell" the AG Deal allow FRAUD

Sign Petitions:
BREAKING: President Obama announced that our friend Eric Schneiderman, New York's progressive Attorney General, will lead a new Special Unit to prosecute Wall Street illegality.
Sign the statement below letting Schneiderman know that if he jails Wall Street lawbreakers, the American people have his back.
......"Wall Street bankers should be fully investigated for their role in wrecking our economy. And Wall Street bankers who broke the law must go to jail." (SIGN HERE)....
Tell the President to TAKE ACTION by signing the petition HERE.

New Bottom Line: "Investigate the Wall Street Banks!!!"
Call the White House or Obama For America:
Call: The White House at (202) 456-1111
Call: Obama for America at (312) 698-3670
Here’s an example of what you can say when you call:

“Hi, my name is ________, and I am calling from [STATE]. I’m calling to ask President Obama to Stand up for Homeowners and hold Wall Street accountable. There MUST be a full investigation into the big banks BEFORE any settlement is reached.

Sweetheart Deal: White House poised to let big banks off easy for foreclosure crimes

Thanks for your action - Ian, Tracy, Ilana -  The New Bottom Line coalition

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