Sunday, July 31, 2011

BOEHNER PLAN - Fails Ohio & Nation - Again

"And when I saw how out-of-touch Washington had become with the core values of this great nation,... I put my name forward and ran for office."...John Boehner Election Night Speech (November 2, 2010)

Boehner: you see all these little kids running around….(sniffle- sniffle)…I can’t talk about it
Leslie Stahl: Why? (can’t you talk about the kids without crying?)
Boehner: ...making sure these kids… have a shot at the American Dream….. like I did.

Funny - we can't find any recent videos of Boehnor "Crying." How could he suddenly stop shedding tears ...with his heart wrenching "American Dream" story? Even Stranger...not a SINGLE DEMOCRAT in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES voted for his failed effort (Boehnor Plan) to have 'out of touch Washington return to our core values.' Apparently fellow working class representatives didn't fall for the crocodile tears and "I'm just like you" or his American Dream story.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty
Dateline: November 2, 2010 - Exactly 9 months ago, on election night 2010, just after learning the GOP had taken majority control of the House of Representatives, an emotionally charged John Boehner (OH) with his voice trembling... addressed the crowd:
"....Listen, I hold these {American} values dear because I've lived them. I've spent my whole life chasing the American Dream.... I started out mopping floors, waiting tables, and tending bar at my dad's tavern. I put myself through school working every rotten job there was and night shift{s}, [A]nd I poured my heart and soul into running a small business. "And when I saw how out-of-touch Washington had become with the core values of this great nation,... I put my foot in my mouth -again and ran for office"

It took only 9 months to forget the Dream and instead ... spew "Wall Street Speak."
August 2, 2011 - The US debt ceiling will be raised, while a no longer crying John Boehner(OH) continues his front and center theater,  lies, distortions, and half-truths buried in rhetoric. In the meantime- the REAL funded by Wall Street  John Boehnor is revealed below:

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone opens this brilliant piece on Ohio's Wall Street "hack"...
....John Boehner is the ultimate Beltway hack, a man whose unmatched and self-serving skill at political survival has made him, after two decades in Washington, the hairy blue mold on the American congressional sandwich....The Crying Shame of John Boehnor 

Read an excellent piece by Zach Carter for the Huffington Post:

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Brian Williams of Dateline NBC gets to the core of the gridlock on "the hill"
John Boehner is quoted.. as if he's playing some type of video game "I'm a Happy Warrior." This is Boehnor's proud accomplishment...  the grid-lock and impasse created in Congress? NBC Dateline Program Jul. 31: 'Taking the Hill: Inside Congress'

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