Thursday, May 5, 2011

U.S. Government to Prosecute mortgage Fraud?

Deutsche Bank AG and MortgageIT Inc.

United States Court: Southern District of New York
Case: 2011 CV 2976   Jury Trial Demanded

  Explosive News……. or ….........Flash Bang … decide

The name of this blog is OHIO FRAUDclosure, so we want to stay on target topic. However, this appears to be such a major news story and seems directly related to the on-going investigations of FRAUD in foreclosures. That – we simply have to report on it.
I’ll present the information, and then you decide. Is this major and EXPLOSIVE NEWS...or …maybe….just a "Flash Bomb." First, I’m going to try to give it what it needs….a little intrigue and mystery…so you'll have to wait.....for our report.
This is much bigger than the State of OHIO and it is proof positive of our U.S. Government taking action! This is clearly a follow-up from all the information gleaned from the congressional hearings (held last fall) and must somehow be tied-in with the investigations currently being conducted by ALL 50 State Attorney Generals. This is the big one! This is the mortgage investigation and news we’ve all been waiting for. Certainly by now, you’ve read about it, if not having first been texted, tweeted (Twitter) or alerted via the Internet, or another blog. If you Google or Bing (Search) the case file number or named criminal Bank…’s a HEADLINE Story. Unfortunately, you will probably get the exact same copied story (UPI reported) and headline everywhere. At least it got some coverage…shortly after being filed in a N. Y. Federal Court on Tuesday morning. But, it "apparently" got lost as being "big news" in New York, since major media and news coverage was focused on the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Darn - What bad timing….you know….for a FRAUD and Foreclosure story of this magnitude.  It got more mainstream coverage on Wednesday – some of it - making the first few pages of major newspapers. The most detailed coverage was through bloggers nontraditional & Internet news outlets (Bloomberg and MSN).  Unfortunately, there are a few folks out there that believe the timing of the lawsuit….well....let’s just say…..was untimely ….and this EXPLOSIVE HEADLINE …well ......may in fact.....simply be.........a headline.
MAJOR Explosion, MAJOR News, MAJOR Headline,.... to be posted here - soon

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