Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ohio FRAUDclosure blogger brief to Supreme Court of Ohio

OHIO FRAUDclosure, an Internet "Blog Site," has submitted an Amicus Curiae (Brief) on behalf of ALL OHIO Homeowners in a landmark case US BANK NA v. DUVALL

This case and decision currently in front of the Supreme Court of Ohio - turn on the Question:

 To have STANDING, as a plaintiff, in a mortgage foreclosure action, must a party show that it owned the NOTE and the MORTGAGE when the complaint was filed?

OHIO FRAUDclosure blog and Ohio's 88 Civil Courts have repeatedly addressed this issue (linked below) and have answered the above question "in the affirmative" (Yes !).  However, US Bank NA, seems intent on spending millions in an attempt to get a second chance to change standing law in Ohio.

In an effort to "Blindfold Lady Justice" and twist the legal arm of the state's highest court US Bank NA "PAID IN FULL" the underlying Mortgage (Duvall) in an attempt to force Defendant homeowner counsel, along with plaintiff (Predator Drone Law Firm) to both suggest:
The case, the decision, and underlying question.....are now.... MOOT!

There are many more shocking developments we've uncovered- still to come !!

We will be updating the blog on this case (HERE) and will share interviews with attorneys and past defendants (in conflict cases) along with opinions from other "legal minds" weighing in on this landmark issue!

Our Amicus Brief (Linked below) was filed with the court on Mon. 8-15-11.  The brief was brilliantly crafted by Mahoning County based Attorney: BRUCE BROYLES.
(Right CLICK on LINK below to Read Amicus Curiae brief)
 Brief of Amicus Curiae filed by Ohiofraudclosure.blogspt.com in support of Appellee

Definition of Amicus Curiae
Latin term meaning "friend of the court".  The name for a brief filed with the court by someone who is not a party to the case, and who has no relevance to any particular side in a case. Instead, they volunteer information regarding a point of law or something else relevant to the case that they feel may help the court in deciding a matter of great public importance.

"... a phrase that literally means "friend of the court" -- someone who is not a party to the litigation, but who believes that the court's decision may affect its interest."  William H. Rehnquist

ORIGINAL POST (April 2011):

OHIO SUPREME COURT - to make landmark decision

Additional Commentary posted at: Home Equity Theft Reporter linked below:
Ohio Supremes To Decide Whether Foreclosing Party Must Own Both Note, Mortgage At The Time Complaint Is Filed

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