Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lisa Epstein - Homeowner Hero wants to help - again!

I'm privileged and honored to call Lisa a friend. She was and remains the inspiration for the Ohio FRAUDclosure blog and this author/blogger. No one single person has done more to put the FRAUDclosure crimes in the national narrative and forever change the legal landscape
Much more to come.....but most Lisa by allowing her to use her skills in office:
You can help Lisa continue the fight!........I WANT TO HELP LISA (CLICK HERE)
I was alongside Lisa Epstein and Michael Redman while they spent another full day in a Palm Beach County (Florida) courthouse. I participated in and witnessed efforts to help homeowners - in a program they call "court watch." They both ducked in and out of the courthouse to field hundreds of calls, emails, and requests for help.....from all over the country! It was an amazing experience and a privilege to watch the dedication, focus and passion. In the middle of the day...between the high speed foreclosure docket, Lisa took a call from David Dayen of Firedoglake....the result of the conversation is below:

.....A small band of foreclosure fraud fighters in Florida, ground zero for the housing crisis, decided to get involved in public service at one of the most basic levels possible. These activists want to become the public official who tracks the transfer of mortgages in their respective counties. Sometimes this is called a register of deeds, or recorder of deeds, or a clerk of court. It’s traditionally a backwater for legacy types who, if they’re lucky, never get their name in the papers. But since the foreclosure fraud crisis, a few of these registers of deeds have shown real leadership in exposing criminal fraud in the mortgage document process. Inspired by their efforts, one of the leading foreclosure fraud activists in the nation, Lisa Epstein, is running for office.
“We are allowing an erosion of everything America holds dear,” Epstein told me in a phone interview from Palm Beach County, Florida, where she will challenge a two-term incumbent for Clerk of Court in a Democratic primary on August 14. “Not just property rights, due process rights – a right guaranteed by the Constitution – and basic fairness. But contract rights. The idea that when you make a contract with a party with superior power and influence, they can’t just make things up and lie, especially when an essential need of survival is at stake. Putting myself at risk is not as important as standing up and saying it was wrong.” Epstein has never run for public office before. She was a nurse who lost her job and fell into foreclosure, and in the course, figured out that banks were distributing faulty documents to courts, robo-signing affidavits without knowledge of the underlying mortgage files, and illegally foreclosing on families all over the country.

She and a few others (Michael Redman, pictured left of 4closurefraud) began investigating the foreclosure mess, literally going through court documents and mortgage records, and they started a cottage industry on the Web. They had no money or power, yet their efforts led to a de facto moratorium of the bulk of the mortgage market, and billions in lawsuits and exposure for the banks.
Read more on this amazing person:
 Foreclosure Fraud Activist Lisa Epstein Runs for Clerk of Courts

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