Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wells Fargo turns away shareholders in San Francisco

Wells Fargo executive turns away homeowner w/payment
Ignores cerebral palsy wheelchair-bound homeowner

Refuses payment - and has her arrested (video below)
Citing space constraints, Wells Fargo turned away many of the shareholders today, at the bank's annual shareholder meeting. This action in a move protesters quickly decried as an illegal attempt to dodge tough questions from shareholders. Wells Fargo packed the meeting with its own employees, and continued to let shareholders who were not part of the protest in through a side door according to a press release from the activist group the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment.

In the building lobby, a Wells Fargo shareholder Andrew Constans, who was wearing a suit and tie and holding a paper copy of his single share of stock. The 19-year-old University of Minnesota student flew halfway across the country to tell Wells Fargo that it should pay more taxes. (Between 2008 and 2010, Wells Fargo paid none, but got $681 million in tax credits.)
"I pay taxes, so why can't they?" Constans asked.
"I'm not a multinational corporation; I don't have 60 tax shelters."
Oakland protest
The Wells Fargo protest is part of an effort on the part of 99% Power, a coalition of dozens of labor and community groups that plans to target some 40 corporate shareholder meetings over the next six weeks.

Wells executive turns away homeowner w/payment
Ignores cerebral palsy wheelchair-bound homeowner - has her arrested
picture by Jonathan Alcorn / Reuters

Ana Casas Wilson has taken her complaint public and attempted to take her house payment directly to a bank official on Thursday. Along with about 100 supporters, she attempted to hand deliver her mortgage payment directly to Tim Sloan, the top financial officer for Wells Fargo. Wilson, who has cerebral palsy, lives with her husband, who works as a school janitor, her teen son and her mother, who helps care for her. She has worked as a court reporter, and as an advocate for the disabled.

Supporters of Wilson, also were challenging a San Marino ordinance, just adopted last November – immediately after a protest of Wells Fargo's predatory lending practices. The protest was held on "banker" Sloan’s front lawn. That demonstration, involving about 100 protesters, was peaceful and ended without incident according to the Los Angeles Times (HERE)

Wilson is shown peacefully moving her wheelchair, through a police cordon, to deliver her check to Sloan's house as Wells servicing has refused all her previous attempts to pay. She knocks several times, but gets no answer.....

"He's embarrassed," Wilson tells the Tribune. "That's why he won't come out. ... He knows that what they {Wells Fargo} are doing is wrong."

Many similar foreclosure battles are under way nationwide, with support from a movement called Occupy our Homes

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Palm Beach Post: Wells Fargo said late Monday that because of the “current market environment” it will not offer refinances under the new Home Affordable Refinance Plan to deeply underwater homeowners unless they are already being screwed as a Wells Fargo customer (Read Kim Miller story - HERE)

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Martin Andelman:
Wells Fargo you've
deceived, confused, and beaten....a senior citizen
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