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FORECLOSURE DIARIES - Documentary Film Trailer

FORECLOSURE DIARIES focuses on the relationship between homeowners, mortgage servicers & Wall Street, using the experiences of families who have been evicted or who are currently facing foreclosure. Six years after they began production on the documentary, the foreclosure crisis is still running at full tilt. But it is important to emphasize that the film will show how people, around the country, are refusing to become victims; they are organizing, and taking activist roles in pursuing justice for themselves and their families.

And, .....near Cleveland, Ohio, (an epicenter of the foreclosure crisis) there’s a blue-collar mother, Ann Holden, whose daughter, wrote a compelling letter, addressed to the judge overseeing the family’s Litton-Loan initiated foreclosure. Her on-camera reading still captures the emotional trauma of being forced from their home.

Devastated and incensed over what she believed were Litton's fraudulent practices - Ann - turned crusader, and in Erin Brockovish style, joined up with Jack Wright, to co-found, MSFRAUD.ORG. The site is an outstanding and long-running forum and Internet meeting place for others facing mortgage related problems.

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Have we heard the seen the worst of the scandal? I doubt it, but the mortgage industry - like a piece of plate glass - has already been scored. It continues to destroy people and families.

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In Ohio - recently an ignorant judge allowed an improper foreclosure and subsequent terrifying eviction of The Brian Bayless family

Now, it's up to a fed-up constituency - the 99 per centers, politicians, prosecutors, or some combination of all three - to shatter the glass and reveal the smoking guns. Hopefully, it will come soon enough to provide an ending for "Foreclosure Diaries."

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Goldman Sachs sold Litton Loan Servicing (to Ocwen Financial) Ocwen was mandated to hire a "third party auditor," (selected by Goldman and approved by the Fed) to address a pattern of misconduct and negligence relating to deficient practices in residential mortgage loan servicing and foreclosure processing involving ALL 2009 and 2010 FRAUDclosures handled by Litton. The review was INTENDED to provide "remediation" to borrowers who suffered financial injury. Although Goldman has submitted a name to the Fed, as of yet, the Fed has yet to announce the name nor give the proposed auditor a green light to begin the foreclosure reviews.

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