Thursday, May 17, 2012

Foreclosures slowing....thanks to legal scrutiny

FRAUDclosures slow ...due to scrutiny & spot-light in Judicial States

Photo courtesy of Oakland Press Blog
Foreclosures "appear to be slowing" exciting is that?...especially for "news readers" at faux (Fox) news and CNN. That has to be good....right???....  WRONG!
Rather than competing against "propaganda" cranked out daily by Criminal Mortgage Servicers....let me simply introduce..... Abigail Field.

Abigail is a N.Y. based attorney. She is also an outstanding journalist with a knack of understanding the really complicated language of Mortgage Bank Speak  ...and translating it (dissecting the lies) and making it simple for us plain folk (homeowners).

She has a wonderful blog REALITY CHECK (HERE)

Abigail states the following: The Foreclosure Crisis Is Nowhere Near Over Yet
The decreased delinquencies, is a misleading fact. Sure, it’s true, but what does it mean? Does it mean that the foreclosure crisis is ending or winding down? No, it doesn’t, because the crisis isn’t. But when your brain picks up on the bolded language, that’s the (Banks & Servicers) implicit message: delinquencies are down, so the foreclosure crisis is easing....and then Abigail goes to shows how the headlines attempt to

Targeting the Courts...Due Process is the Solution, Not the Problem......
Well, the banks are doing just that: they are using their self-created foreclosure crisis to build pressure to dismantle judicial foreclosures. The bankers want it to be much cheaper and easier to take collateral with fraudulent documents. Which it is, in non-judicial foreclosure states.


 Illustration by Victor Juhasz-Rolling Stone
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Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone shocker showing how Courts in a Judicial Foreclosure State (Florida) are helping Big Banks screw over homeowners.

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