Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Underwater Homeowner Vote may turn election

The cheer leading and rah-rah, heard at the presidential conventions, has long since died down. BUT, both candidates left a huge election topic (Housing) unaddressed, and as a result, the door is now wide open, to speak directly on Foreclosures and Underwater Homeowners. It is important that both men address these two (2) related issues instead of repeating & summarizing all the problems by using drone like rhetoric and simply calling it a Housing Crisis.

President Obama - you - and Governor Romney will be competing for votes of millions of homeowners. As presidential candidates, you need to address the housing issues (Underwater Mortgages, Foreclosure, Fraudclosure, principal reduction) especially in big swing states such as Ohio, Colorado, Nevada and Florida. Current estimates show there are between 12 - 16 million underwater homeowners,

3 Americans Speak About Foreclosure & Underwater Housing (OH, NV, CO)

The housing crisis has hit OHIO harder....than but a handful of states. As a result, many OHIO VOTERS are underwater on their mortgages (mortgage debt is greater than value of home) Recent housing market data shows more than a half a million (529,834) OHIO mortgages are underwater. What does that mean?

*1 Million (1,000,258) Ohio eligible voters are underwater
12% of the eligible voters - underwater & 528,834 home mortgages - underwater

*To put these numbers in perspective, the number of Underwater Voters in Ohio (1,000,258) is OVER 1/3 of the total votes cast for the winning presidential candidate in 2008.

please join the New Bottom Line Campaign:

The national campaign has put the agenda and vote of 16 million underwater homeowners squarely on the national political agenda. ‘Home is Where the Vote Is’ is a multi state effort to have the candidates address the issue.
These voters WILL influence and help decide the presidential election outcome!

Tracy Van-Slyke (Director of The New Bottom Line) & Mark Roarty (Ohio FRAUDclosure) take message to the White House

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The candidate that fails to seriously address foreclosures, underwater homeowners, and the resulting housing crisis WILL BE the candidate that loses! See below as Tracy Van Slyke shares the importance (below) on the new HUFFPOST - Firsthand

Move video slider bar and begin at 10 minutes in - Shocking Truth Explained

READ Huffingtonpost Business Blog:
Underwater Voters Take Aim at Obama and Romney over Housing
....Neither President Obama nor Governor Romney has proposed the bold solutions needed to address the housing crisis at the root of the American economy’s troubles. Resetting mortgages to fair market value is essential to keeping families in their homes and the recovery of the US economy and job market. Economists from both sides of the political spectrum support it. Resetting those mortgages to fair market value would save the average underwater homeowner $543 per month, pumping $104 billion into the national economy every year. This would create 1.5 million jobs nationally

'Home is Where the Vote Is' is organized by The New Bottom Line, a growing movement of community organizations, congregations, and individuals working together to challenge big bank interests and fight for principal reduction for underwater homeowners. Allies mobilizing underwater voters this season include Rebuild the Dream, Right to the City, Home Defenders League, Ohio FRAUDclosure and the hundreds of thousands of underwater homeowner and voting families.

Our neighborhoods are being destroyed by foreclosed homes. It's our communities that are deprived of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue because too many homeowners have to unfairly pay the big banks instead of investing in local businesses. Entire communities are being blighted across our state and nation because of the failed policies and the on-going fraudulent practices of the big banks.

MORE: ...Huffington Post Business Blog - by Tracy Van Slyke


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