Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OHIO "Foreclosure" and "FraudClosure"

Hello to OHIO "FRAUDCLOSURE" and "Foreclosure" victims.

You now have a resource & web-site to help STOP FRAUDCLOSURE
This blogger will have the best resources available, for you, and we will keep you up to date with the latest and best information, case law, and legal resources to help in the fight against FRAUDCLOSURE in OHIO

We are your resource - We will keep you informed, but ask for your help in spreading the word so that OHIO Courts and OHIO Judges will no longer allow the massive FRAUD to continue. They will read this blog.

To the large "Foreclosure Mills" - "Robo-Attorneys"  and "Bench Warmers" The party is over and we are going to expose you!!! We will be showing your firm, your name, and your documents - if you participated in FRAUD upon our courts.

NO MORE robo-signing and submitting of manufactured affidavits, no more using MERS (as mortgagee), or the LPS Default Solutions (Docx and Dakota county Minnesota manufactured mortgage assignments), No more "Bench Warmers" (local attorneys that only "show up" on behalf of the Mill Firms), No more FRAUD Plaintiffs that claiming to be the "Note Holder" (REMIC Trusts, Successor in interest, Successor Trustee). NO MORE FRAUD!

We will be showing examples of the massive FRAUD and posting the latest efforts by the great OHIO Supreme Court and Appellate Courts.....that simply refuse to be spoon feed ...FRAUD...by big banks and loan servicers.

FORECLOSURE MILLS- Tell you lazy attorney's they will have to find another place to catch up on their sleep...instead of at OHIO courts.

We will give you the names of good Attorneys, Legal-Aid offices, and connect you with other members...to help you in this fight. We will stop those trying to "steal" your home by FRAUD.

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