Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NO more FRAUD - Documents must be verified

Ohio Foreclosure Mill's efforts to continue use of ROBO-SIGNED documents STOPPED with OHIO SUPREME COURT dismissal. 

It's fine for judges to require lawyers to verify details, court ruling says

- 6 attorneys, representing some of Ohio's largest "Foreclosure Mills", challenged and attempted to overturn a rule being instituted by 3 brave Franklin County Judges, requiring attorneys' to sign a certification, on their clients behalf, assuring the court - they have read the documents they are about to file in a foreclosure case. (the crybaby attornys didn't want to have to verify the authenticity)

- The brave Common Pleas Judges - John F. Bender, Kimberly Cocroft and Guy Reece took the action in response to a national outcry over fraudulent foreclosure filings.

- The Ohio Supreme Court DISMISSED the complaint without comment

Instead, I will comment:  "Hey you Robo attorneys and Foreclosure Mill Law Firms, The party's over!!!, READ the documents that you are submitting, otherwise you will be held accountable for any late created or manufactured documents (FRAUD) you submit to the court. No more "Free Lunch"

Read the Columbus Dispatch Article Below

(Click here)  Ohio Supreme Court - backs the local foreclosure rules

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