Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"OCCUPY" Youngstown Ohio 10-15-2011

        The "Occupy Wall Street" movement is now represented in all 50 States
     Here in OHIO..... the outrage has spread across the state...and to every city
                     OHIO FRAUDclosure has chosen to focus on:
                                       OCCUPY YOUNGSTOWN
               STAND UP - BE HEARD - DEFEND: YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO, & the 1%
                                              WHAT:   OCCUPY YOUNGSTOWN
                                          WHEN:   SATURDAY October 15th, 2011
                                      WHERE: FEDERAL & MARKET STREETS
                                                  TIME:   12:00pm - "HIGH NOON"

We support OCCUPY Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. But - will follow Youngstown!
This American city is representative of many smaller - good cities - in Ohio and across the Nation. In the next few days, we will focus our coverage on this once beautiful city....which has become a typical Midwest tragedy ....struggling to survive. Read how "Wall Street" Bankers (HERE) along with the OHIO based Predator Drone (Foreclosure Mill) law firms have helped "wipe-out" Ohio homeowners.
Will the Youngstown Vindicator provide the TRUTH? or the Ad revenue "Bank Speak"?
Look for the Real Story on this FRAUDclosure Blog, and read about how the big banks, along with the local courts and judges continue to "Steal" homes from Ohio Homeowners. (HERE)

STAY TUNED as WE WILL be UPDATING and LINKING you (below) to and with...
Social Media sites (Facebook) or media coverage of "OCCUPY YOUNGSTOWN"
10-14-11 Occupy Youngstown Pledges Peaceful Event (Business Journal)
10-13-11 Occupy Youngstown Voices Local Issues (Business Journal)
10-13-11 Occupy Youngstown to target Wall Street & Issue 2 (Vindicator)
10-13-11 The Voices Of Occupied America (Littera Report)
....Chuck Kettering, a local actor and activist in Youngstown, Ohio, is part of another of these growing movements, know as Occupy Youngstown. With another few thousand supporters, this movement also plans to take to the streets on October 15th in downtown Youngstown, and will stay "until change happens!" This group, like all the others, is not fighting for a single purpose, but shares a sense that "...we are all fighting for the same things"

First Tunisia...Then Egypt...and then Syria and Libya.....
The lack of "free speech" with little or NO human rights..... was BIG NEWS
But OUR right to assemble in New York and be heard on Wall Street....was NOT?
Word soon Boston, then Chicago......and now...... YOUNGSTOWN OHIO
Will we bear witness to American Hypocrisy? or Show Up - Stand Up and.....
                                         OCCUPY YOUNGSTOWN                                               
                                            I AM NOT MOVING

SEE our Previous Event Coverage from  SHOWDOWN in OHIO and the
live updates from in and around the JPMorgan Chase Shareholder Meeting (HERE)

Art work  - depicting FRAUDclosure - Currently in Youngstown's Butler Art Museum

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