Sunday, August 5, 2012

OHIO: Home is Where the Vote Is

OHIO is being called the most important swing state for the 2012 election!

President Obama - you - and Governor Romney will be competing for votes of millions of homeowners.  But, presidential candidates need to address ALL the housing issues (Fraudclosure, Fannie & Freddie holdings, Underwater Mortgages) in big swing states such as Ohio, Florida, Colorado and Nevada. Current estimates show there are between 12 - 16 million underwater homeowners, in addition to fraudulent foreclosures NOT counted in that total. That is potentially some 15 - 20 million voters who are watching how you - as President - and Governor Romney will address this issue. But that's just the tip of the iceberg...
Mansfield Ohio 8-1-12 photo by Luke Sharrett The New York Times
It's not just the millions of homeowners impacted - it's all of us. It's our neighborhoods that are destroyed by foreclosed homes. It's our communities that are deprived of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue because too many homeowners have to unfairly pay the big banks instead of investing in local businesses. Entire communities are being blighted across our state and nation because of the failed policies and the on-going fraudulent practices of the big banks.

MESSAGE:  The candidate that fails to seriously address Wall Street accountability, foreclosures, underwater homeowners and the resulting housing crisis WILL BE the candidate that loses ...HuffingtonPost Business Blog - by Tracy Van Slyke:

President Obama: Home Is Where the Vote Is
.....Just over four years ago, Wall Street and big banks crashed the economy, causing home values to tank. Now over 15 million homeowners are underwater--drowning in debt to banks they shouldn't owe. This means that the money they have worked hard and saved for to buy their home to invest in their future, support their retirement, their kids' college funds, and any safety net is gone.

And this is the crux of a major election issue. The Washington Post and National Public Radio have already started to report that Presidential candidates need to address housing in swing states.....

..... start publicly addressing how to hold Wall Street accountable (everyone but Wall Street loves that!) and really, truly, boldly, support millions of homeowners and everyday people whose lives have been systematically ruined by the big banks.

Read more of Tracy's blog (LINK HERE)

In Palm Beach County Florida....your vote ...can make a difference ....(HERE) & (HERE)

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