Tuesday, August 14, 2012

OHIO to Palm Beach FL - Vote Lisa Epstein - Tues AUG 14th

It is so rare to meet a person that can impact our society and affect change. It is even more rare ...to have that person... want to share their knowledge as a public servant. Today Palm Beach County Florida residents (VOTERS) can honor such a person - vote today for
Palm Beach County Florida
Number one financial Blogger: YVES SMITH of Naked Capitalism says:
Get Everyone You Know in Palm Beach County to Vote for Lisa Epstein for Clerk of the Court...Tuesday”

Lisa Epstein, a foreclosure fighter (who gained national recognition for her research and discovery) attempts to pull off an upset Tuesday (August 14th) in the race for Clerk of Court in Palm Beach County. This position is the equivalent of a "register of deeds" (The official who records mortgage transfer documents & title) in counties across the country.

Lisa Epstein is running in the Democratic primary against a longtime incumbent, who has done little of note in highlighting the fraudulent documents rolling into her office. Palm Beach County Florida is one of the key areas {and states} for the foreclosure crisis.

With no Republican running....today's primary race WILL decide the next Clerk of Court.

The Palm Beach election is drawing national attention. Neil Barofsky, the former special inspector general for the bailout funds {TARP}, has endorsed LISA. Number one financial Blogger Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism threw her support behind Epstein in a postGet Everyone You Know in Palm Beach County to Vote for Lisa Epstein for Clerk of the Court Tuesday.”

ALL voters in Palm Beach County can participate in the election

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